Thursday, August 22, 2013


As it's not quite bedtime, I've got a video running and little else required I thought I'd do the old trick and open the box (as there's no one real to talk to here). The video is the return to my old spiritual route after completing the two photographic projects last month, getting every known old road sign within 50 miles and doing the final long required trip to cover what I planned on my photo map of Britain. The claims made by the new collection of alien abductee witnesses and the like are either schizophrenic, fantasising and a few which could actually be true. You only need one good one of course, as it's a precedent situation, and with this organisation publishing all its interviews I now have many hours ahead of material without even leaving my office room. I am hoping if I see enough one may be verifiable (there is a document from the US government confirming the finding of an alien ship with three aliens which has turned up and looks real so far), but I'm looking for far better than that.

I have now officially dropped the campaign to educate those programmed on global warming online as I discovered I don't have the required authority, so will just sit back and leave that one. You can't do more than you are designed to do. I'll keep collecting the general material for fraud as there's a book in there besides the rare chance I may teach someone something they can use to reframe their picture of authority, and there's nothing better than a convert to spread the word further. Otherwise my teachers who send messages online every day remind me to accept the present moment for exactly what it is. That certainly isn't related to dismissing pleasure or pain, but transcending it by not trying to avoid the pain. That appears to be one basic form of active meditation designed to leave the duality, but a heck of a long haul, while the complex meditations must work faster. But because for me there has been enough evidence my life is now being guided, I must presume everything which happens is a lesson for my own development, and maybe the higher you want to go the harder you have to work, which includes more suffering than average. So all the conditions around me ought to then be designed for this task. I am aware of my knowledge of world affairs, which is enhanced by being able to tune in to individual personalities of total strangers of politicians I may have never come across before, and feel how each fits into the picture. I haven't been wrong yet, in fact after calling Julia Gillard as a disaster area and total liability so did her own party and kicked her out. Others see all these things as well, but we are the minority (or they wouldn't be voted in in the first place), and some less sensitive than others, able to call extremes like Gillard and Mandelson, or the utter flaccidity of Ed Miliband, but maybe not the more subtle ones like David Cameron or Kevin Rudd who are softer versions of the thorough psychos. That applies to good and bad equally, so Nigel Farage and more so his assistant Lord Monckton are the cavalry, as is the now universally hated by the dark side colleague Godfrey Bloom, who certainly speaks for me the short time he has been speaking in the public arena.

My communication of the dark and light sides (and all between) has to be certain in the same way a surgeon or lawyer have to be certain, or a journalist. If I am vague and offer alternatives and maybes I am simply muddying the water. I wait till I know and if I'm not sure about something I qualify it. Basically if I'm teaching something then how many people would want their teacher to say there were many sides to an argument when discussing facts? When I say the government have ripped us off with low interest rates it's because the accounts they themselves provide prove it. When I say the environmental movement has been taken over by homicidal misanthropists (regardless of whether any of its followers are) it is because they have said so. But my status is not adequate. The internet grades sources above material, even when most information is linked back to its source with the authority, simply passing it on invalidates it for the believers. So as a result my internet factual teaching is over, while I have moved to philosophy which can be taught by anyone as you are not trying to overcome someone's existing beliefs with contradictory facts, which produces a barrier higher than I can get over.

Should my intuition explain my future guidance I'd hope the practice in writing will not be a lifetime of talking to myself on the internet (when's the last time anyone saw a comment here?) but building up my abilities for a proper publisher. As the major hurdle has been passed, ie knowing the material, hawking my knowledge is the long haul which is part effort and part chance. The same goes for my spiritual work, why meditate for half your life and end up no different to how you were before? That would have wasted most of the time just for a few minor peak experiences and views of energy in the air for thousands of hours of sitting doing it. They are why I never give up, as if they can do that at all then they can do more. My family tell me directly and my friends presumably to each other say I've never reached my potential (how many people have?), but like using the gym as an example, you can't compare yourself with other people but aim for the goals you can do personally. I have done some of those, and now armed with firstly the qualifications and secondly the skills am now ready for the third element, the usage. I still have some years left for that to happen, and am on step two now having taken the first step in 2006 being filmed for the first of four TV programmes as a hypnotist and researcher. That led to my first and only magazine article, and am now working to build on that foundation and have enough for the book allowing everyone to see through organised fraud, like a translation manual, and would pay for it to be published as the purpose is to undo a level of crime never before seen in the world at one time. All I want is my name attached as credit, as the material itself is not something designed to further my career but bring about the cleansing of society. I probably have twice as much evidence as is required already, I'm sure if it was so easy to find for me then the media probably have ten times as much, but someone is making sure they never print a word of it beyond the first example of the temperature being below the 1990 UN predictions making their entire modelling invalid. They start the job but none will finish it. That is where I step in, but I do not have the status.

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