Friday, August 16, 2013

How the world has been screwed by politicians.

I remember in 1991 when I began my psychic classes after finally leaving college and was trained in picking up people's personalities in a few seconds. It builds up with practice, and although we can all do it naturally unless it's learnt directly most of the time it's either unconscious or dismissed as guesses and assumptions even when we're on the button. I find it operates best with politicians, as most other people have little or no power over my lives so if they are a bit iffy I just walk on by and leave them alone, but can't with politicians. I've been pretty good in my opinion, and although the two I picked the most were so bleedin' obvious I can imagine their own parents apologising on their behalves, it's not hard for the others but my problem there is because they're not as obvious to most people as the once great Julia Gillard and the never to be great Ed Miliband, I believe I am just as accurate. The simple reason I know everyone else can pick those two as well is self-evident for Gillard, who was given a run and performed without her human mask on and frightened every horse within the solar system, while Ed Miliband was either chosen by mistake and too late to fix it, or as a fall guy for some really stinking changes no one else wanted to put their name to.

So the totally unknown in Britain Kevin Rudd replaced the previously totally unknown but wished we still didn't know Julia Gillard, and I pick up someone unable to understand deception, and simply has his deeply held policies he is determined to impose on the country without the slightest realisation of the fact if you directly present every single plan you have which lost Gillard and anyone else attempting to put them through either an election or their job no one will vote for them. So thankfully Labor (as they eccentrically spell it there) have got the Ed Miliband factor bang on in Australia, but with the massive bonus he is standing as leader in the election. By dumping Gillard the worm turned, not just for Australia but the entire world, as it is the first example of a 21st century UN led Prime Minister getting the boot, and not even by the voters. Fingers are crossed they convert this into a massive loss for Labor as a result, and we have the first actual country with a less UN led government than every other one worldwide which has been democratically elected.

Unfortunately, like in any other organisation of power, the really good politicians I can pick just as clearly, such as Peter Lilley, Ann Widdecombe, Robert Halfon, Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Davis, all by no coincidence Tories, but real ones unlike their Labour-lite ministers, are forced to the back benches or lowest levels above as they aren't allowed to lead due to the UN-led government agendas. I'm sure this is reflected across the western world, with the loss of Ron Paul's challenge despite winning over more Democrats than most others I'd imagine past or present, and the total subjugation of the anti-EU factors in the Greek and Italian coalitions. It shows if nothing else decent honest people still join politics, but so much in a minority unless they somehow find a means of joining numbers to such an extent they could run a movement of their own (eg UKIP) they could never currently wield any power to clip or even remove entirely the massive UN wings intent of flying us as a planet into the sun.

In a way these desperately corrupt and corrupted individuals only reflect the corrupted knowledge and discretion of the effing idiots who elected them. They know the policies, they could choose the rarer and rarer alternatives (none in Britain besides UKIP), but instead accept whatever they are told, ie the majority of voters, while as always the small capstone of intelligent people at the top can never be enough to win an election, even though they are nearly always right. Of course if you have long enough to try and test policies, maybe have solar panels for a decade and lose all the money you spent on them, or have wind farms for a few decades which never produce more power than they consume, or wait 50-100 years to see there is actually no global warming whatsoever you will then know and vote accordingly. The fact it is also possible to find these things all out right now isn't applicable as you firstly have to have the brains to want to check what you are told, and secondly the brains to know where to look and find the information behind what is shown to us by the media. So as long as the majority believe in global warming and renewable energy (which unlike global warming can be measured directly and doesn't work), think low interest rates are a gift from god, high house prices make them rich, immigration helps the country, it's worth borrowing twice as much as something costs to get it now and not in a couple of year's time, and you can't judge whatever scientists tell us unless you're a scientist in their own field, then we will keep getting more of the same.

I have spent hours typing and calling the radio explaining these simple and besides global warming directly demonstrable truths, without a single new person getting it. It's simple accounting, low interest rates steal money from the citizens, high house prices make everyone poor and bankers don't use credit cards. Primary level maths here, yet people still think having a house worth three times more than they paid for it makes them upper class. Then they have two more kids or change jobs and need to move and they can't afford it as the other houses all cost more than they did before as well.

If you can't teach them that simple equation you can't teach them anything.

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