Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm with Ed Miliband

A spiritual teacher told me once if you see life as a soap opera you may become enlightened. This latest business over Syria is a typical example, and one case where I totally can. Every film needs action, and here is a little, as Paul Daniels would say, not a lot, but it's got people talking. Now the fact Ed Miliband voted against us going in meant he actually agreed both with me and 88% of the British people, but why did he do it? Probably not as he ought to have done, as he thought it would make things even worse, but because it may help undo the harm his previous but one leader did to his party going into Iraq. We will never know for sure, but it's probably the first and last time we'll agree on anything.

The general spiritual view is we are here for a very short relative time, and the reason we suffer, become ill, and die, is because we don't really, much like The Matrix we simply wake up and do it all again, it is an experience and possibly a lesson to learn as much as we can until we can know pretty much how to handle everything. I don't know what happens after that but it would make sense if true. I've hit the point where I need to know directly, much as those who have had near death and out of body experiences, and are never scared of living and dying again as they say they now know they go on forever. My own evidence is synchronicity at increasing levels, a well known and documented example I am well and truly on the path. What path exactly is another story, and there we see a split in the teachers (the exact reason we are forced to follow our own discretion as they can't both be right) who say pleasure is built in as a message to be followed (my own belief) and everything is just energy which is equally accepted when enlightened (maybe, but not before so why care if it is?). Of course if you knew it was like a dream where the bullets couldn't even injure you, let alone kill you, then all fear would be gone.

The major rule is it should be fun. That is universal for all animal life on earth. Ed Miliband has been put there as a small source of entertainment in an otherwise dire parliament, a rare area of relief of a bunch of Borg replicants with Coco the Clown in the middle of them desperately hooking on kitchen utensils on himself to pretend he is one of them, but they can all sense he is only a clown. Personally the remainder of the fun was from my friends, and they have melted away compared to the first 41 years when there were always a few around whoever and wherever they were at the time. Then the last family left and I had to learn making friends from scratch as the others had all moved on and become busy and out of the area by then and am still wondering if that will ever change to how it was when I did nothing and people just arrived on their own. Of course I have friends but no longer on the doorstep and always available. But if a spiritual journey then if you are given something and lose it then besides never taking any of it for granted again we are forced to find ways to learn how to do it. The harder exams are the most advanced levels.

Having Ed Miliband as the main source of entertainment in life is probably not a good place to be in...

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