Friday, September 10, 2004

Week's review

Unusually this week I had a completely free week, no special things I had to do besides a few clients, so a chance to chill out and just see what happened. From past experience, nothing usually means just that. Would I think of anything new or something interesting happen for a change?
Not really, but I had a nice rest noetheless. Some really small things (to other people) did happen, but (To quote Jack Osbourne, another bright Yiddisher boy) it's the small things that matter. The first was, for some reason I was fascinated by having a bus route along the fairly main road where I lived for 28 years, but we only had the odd day when the local bus was diverted because of road works, till about 1986, when a minibus used the bottom half of the road but not my bit. Then, 39 years later after I moved there I saw a small bus stop near my old house, to discover a new service that finally used the whole road this year. I checked the times and went there just to watch it and take a photo.
The second small but important event was to virtually confirm my vague memory I'd joined Funtrivia before I registered in 2001. A note I found was dated at February 2000, when I first got my computer, by the URL I'd copied. So it turned out that I was almost a founder member of the forums which began in late 1999, though not regular as I was both posting on the late great Spiritweb forum, so couldn't be in 2 places at once, and was paying for access so I kept my posts for things I needed to ask at the time.

Other than those 2 highlights, it was a very ordinary typical week, hot and sunny as well, and I got absolutely no house or garden work done, which basically means there were more interesting things to do. I hope the next post will be more exciting, but this is a reality show, not a soap.

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the Arrogant Fool said...

"From past experience, nothing usually means just that. Would I think of anything new or something interesting happen for a change?"

Oh, the pressure we put on ourselves to make life amazing in the fleeting moments we haven't sold to others. It would be nice if just knowing that your time wasn't owned by some school or corporation was enough to make it interesting and new.

I'm not being critical to you personally - I know that when I have "free time" and I don't use it for something either productive or life-changing, I feel like I've shorted myself. Nevermind that the 8 hours I spent sleeping (aka dreaming) or reading for pleasure have been far more enjoyable and rewarding than reporting for work, studying a required but boring subject, or (the worst way to spend time) cleaning.