Friday, September 17, 2004

Funtrivia update

I just thought I 'd give the amazing outcome from looking for questions I'd posted on Funtrivia I'd lost. Though 99.99% of my readers don't know what Funtrivia is, they can all look now I've mentioned it a hundred times.

Anyway, on Friday night/Saturday morning last week I typed in a few URLs to the web archive from the vicinity of my post number I'd found written down, and though none appeared on the main index, the usual place to find them, I suddenly raised the first of four original lost posts, and it turned out, as I'd vaguely remembered, but forgotten why, they were from over a year since my apparent joining date!

Turns out I'd been on since a day or so after I'd got my computer in February 2000, and registered with a different name and email address. For reasons only describable as stupidity, when I tried to sign in a year or so later and had different details I re-registered. What a clanger, as that sent my proper membership into limbo and showed I'd joined at the second date. I then asked if I could alter my figures, but found if you reregister you can't merge details from one account to the other. I adapted my signature on posts with my original details (I'd started only 4 months from the day the forums started) and was allowed to post one message on my old account so it could be on the system, as the others had been deleted long ago.

Learning by trial and error is the worst but the commonest way, and I've lost my original membership by one quick mistake, when I could have asked someone what to do if I didn't know myself. Well, at least I know, and the fact I can't correct the details are very minor compared to the proof I was there for so long before I thought. And I've had a few comments made by members, so they know I'm here, hello everyone, keep leaving messages!

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