Friday, September 24, 2004


To quote the great Jon Tickle here, I just read a blog by a fellow Funtrivia member slagging off anorexics, as an ex anorexic. This took a lot of courage, and proved that, like me, these blogs are the ultimate area of free speech and we shouldn't ever be intimidated in pussyfooting around certain subjects or events (that aren't actually illegal), in case we 'offend anyone'. Well, I'm going to gossip my balls off, and if I want to be non-pc, I will be. It'll take a shedload of non pc in the whole of the world to ever balance out the pile of nonsensical newspeak the new fascists have developed as a backlash to old-fashioned sexism and the humour of Bernard Manning. And if people look behind the veil of offensiveness, they may actually learn something.

In 'other news' (blimey, another Tickle-ism), I have mopped up the location of my final Funtrivia archived post, which is still on the current site. But a new mystery has popped up I need a real computer geek to explain. Nearly every search engine has raised (in response to 'Funtrivia satguru) a post on a guestbook from a site where the post appears to have been deleted, but still visible to search engines. I need this to be analysed as how engines can see things not visible to us, (though not display the site) is a mystery to me, plus it can display the summary in their results. Until I get a girlfriend it's only these little searches that keep me occupied.

Otherwise, work is averagely busy, and little else has shifted in my long list of stuck situations. I have a question based on some recent stories I've heard. Do bastards ever reform or learn once they reach adulthood or is it too late by then? Many school bullies grow up, but some also become criminals. Intelligence, education, money and class have no effect, the two I mentioned have (between them, at least) everything in the material/talent/beauty departments, just no hearts or sense. As (it did talk some sense) the bible said (roughly) "You have nothing without love". If we could drop all the rules and just use the good bits there we could actually improve life a lot. Speakers' corner on the web, I love it!

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