Friday, September 03, 2004

Weird stuff

The first weird thing was when I posted this the first time, it just jammed the system and wouldn't publish. I decided I may have added too much personal detail (not mine, that's why I'm here, but someone else's) so saw it as a sign to rewrite it with a bit less detail.

The question I have, where I need as many examples as possible from the readers, is whether it's possible for an unknown force to send very similar events in little bunches, and arrange life so a few disparate threads all come together in exactly the same place. Over the last week I've had a few really scary possible situations all crop up over a few days. None had materialised, but had potential to do real damage. I saw it as a message to tell me not to worry about them unless anything happened, and even then they couldn't really do a lot to me. These bunches of similar events, like all my clients cancelling in one week, or two or three starting on the same day , and then some even finished together, with one pair even coming back almost a year later on the same day after stopping. I can get phases when either my emails are ignored for a week, or three or four important letters arrive on the same day after hardly any mail for weeks. Regularly if I order two or three items mail order, whatever the different days I order them, the chances are they arrive together.

This is the sort of thing that now happens to me regularly. The threads seem to become more and more complicated in order to show me something is being arranged, just as the phases of similar events does. Unlike my other psychic proof, which relies on extending known scientific principles, this has no science at all. Someone or something, if there is control behind these events, has to be doing it. I have no idea myself, the two theories are we either do it ourself, but most do it subconsciously (unless adepts) or it's our guardians who are there to put us in situations to teach us how to deal with them.

What are your examples, and opinions on how these things happen?

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