Saturday, December 25, 2004


Reading some other local blogs, so many people are so incredibly busy both at work and otherwise, though I suspect nearly all are under 30. My life was also like that till then, and I've had enough of that now, and hope most other 'grown ups' also reach that stage, married or not. Now my life is the total antithesis to that. I see interest in people, not events, and though I do go to selected events, they are the exceptions in my life, and I prefer to interact and create, having literally 'been there, done that'.

I love lists. I've already graphically displayed my 10 countries here, and will add duplicates- France 11 times, Israel 3, and USA twice. And that included 10 states. The effort involved now exceeds any pleasure except for day trips.
I also go to football a lot, though having added over 50 matches in about 4 years am now winding down. Nowadays I like seeing all types of masters and psychics, and have seen Uri Geller twice (would go every time he was on locally), Maharaji 5 times, Matthew Manning, Geoff Boltwood and of course Nick Roach, as well as a number of advaita masters such as Satyam Nadeen, Satyananda and Om C Parkin (all new names given on enlightenment). Apart from that I go to antique and toy fairs, mind/body/spirit shows, and steam railways. What I do like doing is filming, and have spent over a year filming the places I grew up and then went in the houses of friends and interviewed each about life since I'd known them. These will be incredible records in 20 or 30 years time.

Otherwise, what has been happening in my little life? It's been fine, I have had a few hours work this week which went pretty well, the builder fixed all the important things as I said, and finally played my first game of snooker having discovered a family friend with a table, and actually got some balls in, which made me happy. I barely did anything else apart from family visits as per usual, but it's been OK, and it's currently (oy vay) Christmas morning at 2.30, and I won't be seeing anyone till 5pm for a late family dinner. I've got my abduction tape to copy, and hope I can get on with that the rest of the day, unless I get a surprise visitor (that was a joke). By the way, no one's commented here for over a month- am I boring everyone? This is really based on reality, so though I try and make it interesting, it is a blog first and Kingsbury is like a waiting room for the cemetery, and this is reflected here! If I die and find out there's more I'll be delighted but till then I see this as a single performance and any more will be a fantastic bonus. But heaven and hell? I've been to both and it was right here. More philosophy on its way, watch these pages.

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