Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A week of karma

Last week followed on very nicely from the instant karma recently reported in the road accident. Karma has a few aspects, and personal growth is one of them. That means when it's time for us to learn a lesson to fix a fault or teach us a new skill the same situations seem to arrive continually (as I described before to myself) until the problems' dealt with, and then they stop and some other hassle replaces it. Maybe I'm on a fast track to mastership, as I get plenty.

Well, 3 other people were involved last week, all with similar stories. Firstly I made my first ever illogical observation that worked. I just realised I was happier if I expected things to be good, like I used to before I found they rarely were. The trouble is I felt better when I imagined they'd be good regardless, and decided that's how I have to be again. Then a friend said the reason I rarely (at all??) had miracles is the bible says you have to believe first. This just confirmed I was doing the right thing as she didn't know I had decided this as she was just trying to explain God to me.
Then another friend said she was fascinated by it as she had instant karma, which is actually a sign of a master.
Finally someone else said how a situation seemed to work out in a planned way, where 3 or more events that didn't usually happen came together as if they had been designed to do so.

I'm now actually looking for lessons and events in advance to fit the theory so I can work with it. But whether we draw things to us or the whole lot is pushed by an outside force isn't worth trying to work out, but just stick to seeing if the system's there and using it. Maybe I can actually shift some of the crap from my life as well as a result?

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