Friday, December 31, 2004

A good week

Well, is this a first- something positive on my blog? I found expecting good makes me feel good regardless of whether it's logical, and this was followed by my awareness of karma, a second illogical discovery. Since imagining the best (well, trying to...) A few people from the past have all turned up within a couple of weeks, plus another amazing bit of news about someone I've mentioned here I'm just awaiting his permission to publish in full. I will say I have been read on Funtrivia by someone I wrote about there, and I didn't tell him I was a member. Now that is what I would call amazing.

I've been working fairly damn hard one way or another as well, one paid hour, nearly two I had to pay for (comes with the job once a month), and took my Mum to a grotty supermarket for a change. My builder arrived to measure the kitchen, and may actually be about to order the units! (It's only been well over a year!). I also called the radio a couple of times, plus last night Talk Sport kept me waiting at maybe 5p a minute for an hour and fifteen minutes and then ended the programme without putting me on. Thanks Mr Murdoch, you have billions and still want my £1.80 an hour cut from the total BT get even when you know I won't be put on. I also went to Brentford for the third time on a boxing day (a bit late as it was a 1pm kick-off) to see them get buried 1-3 by Torquay, but it was nice to see so many ex-premier players on both sides as well as a few Brentford old-timers. Understandably I'm now knackered, and it's new year's eve already, with people coming over tomorrow as usual. I hope my email request is accepted so I can give the full story here. One last element is it may even get me on the radio (albeit on Sky digital!) but anything is a start, having lost my place on Capital in 1973 due to appendicitis. I shouted 'hooray' once on a Capital Gold roadshow when my request was read out, but that hardly counts...

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