Thursday, December 09, 2004

Today's chaos

Yes, today was one of those days that needed negotiating with no map or compass to help. I had to get up quite early to collect my parcel from Kendall which was gathering dust at the post office, who closed early today. It was huge!. I was amazed to see the little Indian lady I know so well struggle with a parcel half her own size and weight, and it was full of goodies as promised, which are all being used already.

The third time running (this time with no warning) the TV aerial man didn't turn up. I think it's the end of that lead (pun there) and Video Plus (our automated video recording system) may not be coming to my house in the forseeable future. Once I realised that person (can I say pratt here?) wasn't coming I had the rest of the day to use until I went out at 6. No ideas, but it was dry, so no housework this time. I ended up going to a newly discovered local park with 180 degree views of London, and an assortment of fascinating paths leading to it through ancient cemeteries and interesting houses. Any London bloggers reading are recommended to visit Sunny Hill Park in Hendon if they get the chance, it's usually passed at 50 mph by the A1, A41 and M1 which surround it, and only locals probably stop to walk there.
Once done, I had basically mopped up the remaining part of the day and that was it.

Todays speculation scenario. Worms turning: Miracles, can they ever happen? I'm not referring this time to walking on water, but people. It happened (as she well knows) with Kendall, and she stood out from most others who didn't, and I'd also welcome comments telling me their experiences. I'm referring to people who have left you behind for whichever reasons returning long after they were consigned to the expectation of never hearing from again?
I have a growing list of these people (some who do or did read here, but they have seen my views already), and while I have idle days like this I wonder if, say over the next 6 months, I'll get one nice surprise to show me the individual's human nature is redeemable. I think the last time this happened before October was in 1993 when an old girlfriend called me after almost 10 years as she was feeling 'desperate'. Then in 1972 when the girl I liked on holiday who had then ignored me phoned me after I got home. That felt like one of the best days of my life, and she turned out to become my first girlfriend. The combination of lost hope, losing something valuable, and then having it return having done absolutely nothing about it yourself is one of the best surprises you can ever have.

My list includes: 1) Someone I fell out with earlier in the year and would be extremely happy to hear from.
2) Someone I thought I knew better, called me a bastard for making an innocent comment and told me where to go. I know she's more sensitive than necessary, and had a hard time from people who deserve that sort of treatment, but don't project it on me, please. If she ever apologises the champagne corks will pop (though I don't like it).
3) Will the barely referred to mystery I hinted at recently ever yield any more information? Experience has taught me discretion here, but I will report with a simple yes at least if this happens regardless of having to censor anything else.
4) Email replies: As well as the named and shamed friends reunited baskets who are just bloody rude for joining a site and ignoring emails at will, there are an equal number I emailed out of the blue or mutually and then stopped replying (if they ever did). Plus that damn bitch I wrote to as her new phone number was ex-directory and didn't bother to reply. What did she think I'd do if she replied? Arrive at her flat and propose on bended knee?
5) Builders: This is the 4th aerial man not to turn up, my garage roof and boiler have needed attention for ages, and I'm no closer to getting them done. Not to mention the person who said he'd measure my kitchen for new units over a month ago. He was guaranteed 3 days work as I knew he could do the job and can't even be arsed to come in for an estimate even though he works at the end of my road every day!
6) Any others I've missed but could happen. May include any old friends who evaporated but may become curious about me eventually, existing friends who haven't returned phone calls, returning clients (this is a real phenomenon) and any other reversal of attitude that may actually conspire to make me smile for a change.

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