Monday, December 06, 2004

A week of mixed blessings

Well, being the verge of another week, it's time to review everything from the previous one. As announced, it's been a 'balance' of ups and downs (nothing odd there) and as the blog is here, you'll have to read it as it happened.

On the one side, I arranged at last for someone to fix my TV aerial after NTL the cable company forced us to reconnect our roof aerials when converting to digital as the videos won't work otherwise. A bit like the Transport for London trick of narrowing dual carriageways down to 2 lanes. What next, a nice epidemic of polio for old time's sake? Anyway, soon after connection, the whole lot (being over 10 years old) disintegrated, and this is the third person I've arranged to fix it. He *didn't* come on Friday but is rescheduled for Tuesday, so hopefully that will move to the credit column. I also applied for a few jobs, one in a bookshop is already on 'reserve', meaning if they need a standby I'm on the list, and once in should become a regular sooner or later. The second didn't reply, and I'm waiting for a form from the third (if I remember asking for it...?). Kendall has sent me a multiple Christmas/Chanukah posting,including a total of 3 cards. So far two cards arrived on Saturday, and I'm hoping if the parcel arrives Monday when I won't be there the postman won't just leave it on the step as some do, as it's not the sort of package that responds well to being left outside, let alone the security aspect. I have never been in a situation where I had to wait so long for anything outside my control and though I am getting more used to it it sometimes feels like I've been caught in the Twilight Zone or similar, and am completely lost in unfamiliar territory. I said I'd be writing all my worries again when we spoke last night, and here they are! She knows this already so hopefully it won't come as a surprise to read again, how comes most women who really appreciate me have only done so at the end of a distant computer? Am I missing anything here, as in person it seems to happen about once every ten years, and I'm pretty much the same person now, just a bit more mature (for Christ's sake, if I'm not going to be at 44 then it's unlikely ever to happen!). And the ones who like me at the end of a computer are sane as well, which amazes me even more, and quite unlike most experiences locally!

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