Thursday, December 16, 2004

Alien communication 2

I saw my client again today and continued (very fluently) the dialogue with the alien called Zaphos. Here are the main points.

1) We come from Delphis 3, 84 light years away in earth physics, but we can exceed this speed using cosmic physics. The (worker's?) planet is 55-57 light years away. We travel here at the speed of light, but send the air crew (greys) and control them from our home planet

2) The greys don't use eyes and ears, but hear and see telepathically. The black eyes are visors to protect their remaining eye areas which are very sensitive to light

3) The ship is powered by a positron generator beamed upward in a spiral by a waveguide. It attracts the negatively charged atmosphere and electrons are simultaneously beamed downwards to repel the negatively charged planet, propelling the craft.

4) The alien's appearance is like ancient Egyptians, who are hybrids between the resident apes on earth and the alien people. There was also a colony on Mars, which the face there represents their appearance.

5) We are needed to keep their race going as they have badly polluted their own planet. In exchange for the genetic material taken from abductions we are given some of their technology, but only that we can use without danger (such as anti matter which wouldn't be safe to use)

6) The first and best example of a higher being was sent to the Dogon tribe in Africa long before biblical times, and was called Nommo.

7) Certain gifted individuals on Earth are Merlins (which is a qualification level rather than a specific individual). Jesus was a complete Merlin, having all the powers shared among the others separately. They are working for the good (eg Uri Geller, Matthew Manning etc) and against those that control governments such as the Bildeberg group, who will soon be reined in by the aliens as they are ruining the earth in pursuit of power

8) Global warming is not the threat we are facing. Nuclear radiation is, and cannot be cleaned once released.

9) There was one original creator we call God, who is the origin of us all, and lives on in spirit

10) Our pets are more advanced than most realise, and we really work together with them on a more equal level, much as aliens do with us, they look after us the same way we do pets

11) The religious texts of all religions point to the same truth, but current translations have lost the message

12) The reason we don't see abductions is they're cloaked from view. Spaces are made in walls and cars, and the piece is returned and repaired at a molecular level with no trace of damage

13) If you read the work of Eric Von Daniken he was actually closer to the truth than many people realise.

I will leave this as it is and leave others to comment

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Stef said...

My first thought is what stopped you falling asleep as all this material poured out?

It's not very orginal is it?

These statements strike me as being an eclectic mish mash of claims made in several books commonly available in any New Age section of any largish book store.

A little bit of Daniken. A little bit of the Sirius Mystery and a few episodes of Star Terk chucked in.

Even the Mayan Long Count Calendar gets a mention. For completeness' sake the Calendar comes to an end on December 23, 2012AD and our current World started August 14, 3114BC. Yes, 2012 is the hot new date now that 2000 came and went without any global catastrophe.

Accounts like this infuriate me because they fill the ether with background noise and obstruct genuine investigation of the true nature of the world around us. Professional debunkers just love to seize hold of this kind of crud and use it to discredit all forms of alternative thinking and investigation.

Not having met people who make these kind of claims in person, I do wonder if they believe what they are saying, or they have made themselves believe what they are saying or are they consciously aware of their fabrications? Is this a form of delusion or is it attention seeking? Are we dealing with people who, understandably, feel adrift in a Godless World and instinctively realise that mainstream science holds no real answers to the fundamental questions of our existence?

The fundamental and underlying joke about people who turn to aliens for meaning rather than instutional religion or science is that their alternative belief system is just as mundane and unsatisfying as those they've rejected, once the novelty of the alien component wears away. Looks at the Heavens Gate crew who killed themselves so that they could hop onto a spaceship a few years ago. Strip away the silly names and purple capes and their belief system was facile and banal in the extreme.

Maybe I've missed or misread something in your blog postings. Maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick in some way but this sounds like a dead end to me ...