Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blogging is back

Well I think now blogger have set our profile links this medium will soon be revived, maybe even busier than 'old blogger' which was 100 times better than the new one, like most modern transformations. Where simplify means ripoff and streamline means abolish. Labour bollockspeak.

Anyway, it's been a mixture of weddings and funerals, metaphorically speaking, in Kingsbury at the moment. Women of various types are coming and going, with none providing all my needs and few providing more than a bare minimum. More than usual anyway. I'm also running out of places to take photos, inevitable really, although I have to order some prints soon while there's a free offer and 2 books for the price of one. Otherwise business as usual, no work at all at the moment which doesn't really matter, and little else. Back to planning no more than the next day if possible, but today not at all in advance as there was nothing to do besides a couple of things either stopped by the rain or a person's holiday absence. None more than routine trips, although at least my mobile phone was quickly and easily replaced yesterday so my 100s of customers (both of them, one who seems to have finished) can call me.

But hopefully I can now write expecting people to read it, and remind the new arrivals I've been blogging for the last year with no links so may be worth doing a bit of searching back for anything you would have missed. There's plenty there if there's nothing on TV. Like right now. Or the radio or really the internet. Hard with no one here to talk to. The seeds of insanity, stress and depression there. Anyway, I hope I find many more blogs to read now I can and it'll soon be like the old times or better. No comments for months till then.

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