Monday, August 20, 2007

Randomly speaking

As I had a bit of time to spare I just wondered what would happen. Watching the hurricane approach Jamaica on TV, it wouldn't really bother me much now but as my friends in Florida had none last year I wonder if any will hit them now, but it's a big state and needn't pass their part. Maybe if it does they may wonder if they should have come back or not. I have no idea what is going on there now as I'm not told. Big deal, it's thousands of miles away and doesn't change whether they stay or not so fuck it.

Otherwise a little progress in a few areas although after 2 weeks the charger on the new made in China not Finland mobile phone packed up, and I just hope the shop can replace it on its own. I don't want to reset another one already. It seems my 3rd (web) TV appearance could drag on indefinitely. August will move to October ad infinitum. A magazine I wrote an article for a couple of years ago they put online now say it won't be published for 2 more years. That's a fuck up of real proportions, as they aren't funded by Murdoch as my programme is. I can't ever see it happening, a real one man show and I've seen his work over a couple of years which I can only compare with an honest version of Nick Leeson.
I have also seen just now they are linking our profiles here again. I will check, I assume it isn't a lie and wonder why they stopped them for so long. If true I should bump up my hits again, at last. I think it's 3 months since I had a comment although I still get 10 hits a day (from 50).

Otherwise a productive week, possible woman on the scene although far from perfect but adequate where required to be. That makes a change believe me. Photos as usual all over the place, although hard to think where next. If the weather stays crap it'll be indoor work, writing or drawing. Can't produce too many creations and all articles have been published so far. One day if I was paid I could have a real job, or at least the makings of one. That pays well. Well it's late and bedtime so better stop before I say anything even more banal, not banana as it appeared to start to say. I have already gone bananas but only from stresss not insanity. Plenty of that in my life over the years. And sadly I'm not one to exaggerate. More than anyone's fair share.

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Thank you David for my possibly first blog comment here at blogger. It is quite nice to be acknowledged.

I see lately where my list of interests here have changed to links so now that that's working I should pay some attention to expanding my word pool.

You need not post this comment unless you like too but it is my only way of getting you this message.

I have another more significant new blog you may like to see and I send you this link about RSS Feeds:

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And of course you are welcome to my RSS Feed over there if that pleases you.

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