Sunday, August 05, 2007

Running out

How long can you have no job, friends as such or girlfriend and not run out of material? I've taken photos of every area besides Swiss Cottage and besides people in the street that travel opportunity is now running out as well. The new mobile phone's nice at least and have ordered the usual extras for it as it's pretty hard to find them in shops. Otherwise I am struggling for ideas.
The blogger scene has dried up more than a dead woman's fanny, I still can't understand how removing links from members is an 'improvement'? I used to both get regular comments and read new entries and now if any on my links get one a month besides the two busy ones it's a miracle. My hits went down 80% at the same time and they make themselves virtually impossible to contact although before they were taken over they did help me with a bug by email, although I think it fixed itself before they said they knew nothing about it.

So there is a little too much space, people phone I don't want to see and am feeling guilty for not calling back but don't want to see them anyway, the ones I want to see do exactly the same to me so basically I end up talking to the fucking computer again as always. The highlight of the week was sitting at traffic lights taking photos of the centreof Golders green.Oddly the police were (still?) in the station itself, the reason I hadn't gone inside last time, and can only wonder with all the burglaries around how they manage to spend their time chasing coloured (can I use that word?) people who may not have paid for a ticket. Sod the poor people with cars with no windows or radios, or people whose houses have boarded up windows for £300 while they are off harrassing people so poor they can't afford to use a car. The fares are so high now they haven't worked out it's actually cheaper to drive than use public transport, but it's basically the plebs who use the train besides the commuters in the rush hour and that's why the police love to bother them all.

I sometimes wonder if I said the sort of things that would get me banned from ever going on TV again and prosecuted it might get a squeak out of my non regular readers? I comment on every blog that's worth a reply, and once people did on mine. But the only controversial ideas I have are not for the general public and the rest is only common sense and pointing out things we all think but few say in public. That's not controversial, just daring. I may even exagerrate in the hope it may get someone to disagree, which only happened once when I said women pretend they don't want sex as much as men (not an exaggeration and one of my old friends from school threw a wobbly. Feminists have as much insight as someone who's drunk 2 bottles of whisky plus a few barbiturates. Their emotions fog their intellects so totally it's like trying to take a photo into the sun. The light of the emotions obscures everything else which others can see. I'll say it again here. If women admitted they wanted sex as much as men the crime rates would halve (OK, reduce) instantly. And the mental health problems. Women see sex as an embarrassing irritation compared to men, and when they repress and divert that desire they become like my old friend. Sad indeed.

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