Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogging revival

Well blogging is alive and well, fuck knows how any others actually found the thousands of active new blogs (and one from 2001) I am coming across now we can search again. So I will be writing like a dervish again as I know people may read it. It was raining most of today although I got half an hour on my bike for some exercise and photos, and then ordered 220 photos as there's a free offer, and will order a second photo book next for a two for one offer.

Not that amazingly I can't remember what I did yesterday, although I know I was busy. If I work it out now I'll get it, but straight off the day is a blank until I went to grandma. It's because there really isn't any reason to remember yesterday or any other unless something happened worth remembering, otherwise you should move on and stick in the present. Oh, of course. I stayed in until a friend from Manchester arrived for a quick trip here before she had to get the train home. I knew I did something. First time for a couple of years as well but it's not a big deal.
The rest of the week is free, I have kept a list going to make sure I'm not stranded with nothing to do, depending on the rain. The optician is away this week but have just thought of a new photo trip to Belsize Park which is one I can exploit for a few decent shots. Other than that routine shopping and indoors order the next photo album. No work this week but no great loss. A friend just said how much better it would be if I worked instead of went out and took pictures and I thought no way thank you, it's a privilege to be able to go out and take photos and as long as I pay my bills who cares about the detail. Once I run out of photos I'd like something new to keep me busy but it needn't be work.

I just read a psychotherapist who was admitting to personality faults. I think in fact they weren't faults, just things other people don't like. Selfish and cynical? Well we have to look after ourselves first, so guilty, and cynical? Well spend 47 years in London and the UK and who wouldn't be? So I can't see either of these as faults. I've been accused of being arrogant and childish. I'll analyse these, firstly the alternative to arrogance is false modesty, which is far worse if you are actually able to do things better than most. And being childish is the way Jesus said would get you to heaven, so I'll keep that one as well and laugh at farts, bottoms, toilets, holes, incontinence, sanitary protection, Basil Brush, fanny batter, foreigners, mucus and enemas. If that's childish I'll literally have the last laugh as at least there's plenty left to laugh at when most people claim not to. Anyway, it's quiz time, the only reason I stayed up, so I'd better get on or it'll be another late one. I'm watching the stats closely now to see if the hits start rising again. Fame is approaching at last? My arse...

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