Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday, just

Wednesday, 12.19am. My activities have been more mental than physical recently, planning the next ones but only getting the one trip to Belsize Park for some photos, and then after thinking I'd run out working out a few new places to go next.

Now the blogs are alive again I can read and link and comment like I used to. How long it'll take to get the numbers up remains to be seen but in the meantime I'm learning new tricks to add to my current method of releasing emotions as a barrier to peace and enlightenment. Whether or not we're designed like that, they say our emotions cover the peace below and only by dissolving or releasing them can we escape their effect on our lives. The good ones are still not as good as the alternative, we are told, and I believe it. They last such a short time anyway there really isn't much point in having them again once we know what they're like, and they are all energy, whether good or bad. And that energy is blocking something better apparently.
The old method which I have used a little for a few years seems to rarely have an effect, the new method which I have added may help faster and is actually aiming at the identical thing so they don't conflict.

Meanwhile I'm on a mission to prove whether or not oven chips are potato or man made stuff as my grandma doesn't believe they cobble them up from scrapings. I just discovered Pringles are so shaped as they are sawn off a block of potato cement, although they still taste pretty good unlike the inedible dreck produced by the company that isn't MacDonald's but just as awful. Since my own chip fryer died I don't make them and rarely buy them, but my waist is a few inches smaller so have made a profit. But I remember when oven chips first came out they said they had to make them from powder and chemicals otherwise they wouldn't cook properly in the oven. Well guess what, they don't. If you want a chip that has a texture like it's come out of someone's arse, then be a lazy sod and cook them in the oven, or almost as bad, in the microwave. But if you actually want a proper one you have to fry potatoes. That's the only way and always was. It's nigh on impossible to find this stuff online so I had to put out an appeal on my usual site.

Otherwise I am carrying on day by day, my albums will arrive this week and when I can be bothered will show them to the library in case they want more. Then 200 prints looking for an album, so off to Woolworth's whose are a third of the price of the rest. Various bits of plans for the week similar to the last few, but they turned out OK more or less. Of course the planned TV release online for August has been and almost gone, and I doubt the next few months will show any more. Next trip is to be Crouch End and hopefully on Thursday. What an exciting life I lead! But the results, in the form of albums as well as many station pictures used in a London guide site (unpaid but happy to be used) do mean they have a future use once taken. Despite every person on earth with a couple of fingers can equally take a good photo from day one not everyone does. I've no idea why but my only talent is knowing what to take rather than taking it. I see potential places waiting to be taken and just collect them. Some of my best recently were even people who got into the shot and when I blew them up afterwards found they looked really interesting. Now I take people I see deliberately but none have been quite as weird as the accidental ones, besides a dog. One woman today turned round before I could get her and I didn't have time to zoom in either. The others looked very ordinary and random photos of people are just that, random, good and bad photographically. So now I snap them almost at random and collect the good ones, as the places can all become used up but you'll never see the same people there together. Now whether any of these pursuits will make me famous or enlightened I have yet to see but they are better than not.

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