Friday, August 03, 2007

Time and wind pass

Another day, another bottom dollar. I always prefer to think of these as dollars that come from your bottom than anything else, and for all I know they really are. I've had a usual week of many, highlight so far being stopped at lights in Golders Green long enough to take a complete view of the centre including people passing by. I also had to get a new mobile after dropping the other one one last time, although it did last nearly 4 years as besides not having a radio it did all I needed one to. This is half the weight and does the job, and costed next to nothing so little lost. So life goes on, no plans and the only client cancelled, stopping two others who wanted to come the same evening. They'll be back.

There's little point having many ideas now, I seem to be able to conjure activities each day from nowhere, and the next when I can be bothered is a photo trip to Swiss Cottage to complete the Finchley Road coverage. Fascinating. Meanwhile I wait like a twat for my TV programme #3 to be shown- on the fucking internet. Guess who's going to promote it if it is? Me. I doubt anyone else will bother. Imagine getting a £50 note and hiding it in a library book without telling anyone. Someone will find it eventually but if they don't know it's there they won't even look. Piss up and brewery situation here.
I seem to have almost reached the quota of 60s pop videos on Youtube from trawling the old charts, and my favourite (to watch) is Manfred Mann's 'My name is Jack'. They look just as I remember them when I saw it on Top if the Pops in 1967. That is my main link to the 60s now, and I will gradually revert back to a being of that era as I watch each time. Thank goodness for the internet.

Let's hope if and when my photos stop being inspired I get something else to keep me busy, no idea what until it happens, but it has kept me going for almost 2 years and can't see it lasting that much longer as there are only so many things to take. Meanwhile I just heard (while in the car) Alex Jones uncovered two US documents admitting global warming was a way to raise taxes and control the masses as I always knew. There's just no direct experience of it and only believed as people are told it's happening and fall for whatever they hear from the experts who are paid to lie. I was told of proof of councils and governments being paid off to accept developments, change policies and basically anything you can imagine just to do the bidding of the corporations. That's who they represent and at our expense. Anyway, I can't yet find these documents but if I do I'll make sure everyone knows. With oil at a record high all we need is more tax to stop us going further than the local shops.

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