Thursday, November 08, 2007

It seems longer...

Back again, work is being slowly got through at last, but I suspect the blogging scene will be more improved now by writing on other blogs so people will read mine. So many more people have them now that I am wading through what I can only call very limited people to get to the rare gold in between.
One subject blogs, the dreaded link addicts, teenage waffle and non stop (poorly spelt) swearing. Fuck that for a read (note the irony there, except I can spell?).

Anyway, haircut now had, the silly woman I booked with let me down twice and said she stopped doing it, then a friend offered (not professional) and did the same job I'd have got anywhere else. Makes a change. I got in a professional traffic jam as well today, one I assumed was not permanent but seems to have been present in office hours now for 30 years with no cause. Willesden High Road. The good news is it moves it from Cricklewood Broadway so having gone that way to avoid Cricklewood ended up turning round an going back the way I came, in a storm and while darkness was falling at 4pm. Yes, London is easily the worst place on earth to drive and then half the decent roads had humps added to them.

I paid enough for 2 prostitutes (so I'm told) for a spare pair of glasses yesterday, and hope to get them made before Christmas. I don't usually pay much for anything but I didn't design my astigmatism and requires very specific lenses now I'm getting on a bit. As I see perfectly with them I am not having operations and sadly the contact lenses I got caused more pain than a chili enema. Not that I've actually had one but many morning afters the curry before gave me an idea. By the way if the lovely lady I just linked here reads this please pop in and make a comment before you go, it makes people think I have readers ;)

More jobs now than not have been knocked off the list so now it's buying a new memory card for the camera for clever shots than need it, using my free food vouchers from the Co op, fixing my bike (again) and the next lot of photos assuming it doesn't get dark at lunchtime again. My usual visitor for 'a bit of the other' has stopped for a while, that is her only asset and forcing me to go elsewhere is probably a blessing in disguise. It's a lot of trouble for not very much in return (I always prefer quality over quantity). So far there is no alternative but just about anything would do as a temporary measure, I'm only human after all and never paid for it in my life.

And finally on topical issues, the '3 metre' (sounds the size of a small van to me but only as it's close to 3 yards) storm surge in the North Sea promises to be another news stillbirth. They just said it'll cause a little minor flooding soon after closing the Thames Barrier, why they can't just wait and see what happens you can't beat nature. 999 times out of 1000 nothing is ever predicted and this is about the 998th in my memory that is highly likely not to make any newspapers once the hour passes (8am). Anticlimax generation is what the media excel in and the couple of really big storms we had were never seen beforehand, as was 9-11. Not that I want terrorism, it just points out we can't see anything really big coming, including asteroids heading for earth, (ha ha) Yellowstone Park exploding, (my arse) and a large portion of a Canary Island falling off, (hand me a hanky). One thing I can tell you is any damage from tomorrow's storm is going to be greater than the combined effects of those three wild guesses plus global warming which would actually be the majority's friend if it was real.

I am not paid by anyone for my views so probably far more reliable than the BBC. And I am not being funny either.

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