Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nothing special really

I have lacked a bit of blogging inspiration recently, and though the hits seem to have stabilised daily I've had no comments for a while. Maybe I'm not being contraversial enough. The glasses arrived today, seem ok except the right eye doesn't seem to read very well on its own, but can't tell unless you cover the other one. I'll check the other pair as it could even be the reading bit has got worse already, god forbid (more money and hassle, no thanks). It was dark by 2 when the rain clouds covered the sky all day so no photos, but the new memory card I just got was the same price but 8 times bigger, so no more limits for quality or quantity now. I've done the local scenes in 2 years so will be doing high definition views and longer videos now. I hope to do one tomorrow but the weather needs to be OK. Then the indoor plans begin.

A new article followed by more pictures not to sell but do look good on the wall if no one buys them. My little list of jobs is gone now, only housework type now and usual shopping. I wish I could find someone equally alone and bored with life to share with as there must be plenty of us out there. Those spat out by the world when others are married through no fault of their own deserve better. Besides that the TV programmes are getting closer, the Sky online is advertised for autumn but no clues yet, the other seem to be about to use me in their publicity so I hope I get to see it. Oh, and the woman who served me for the memory card was pretty much like some I come across in my dreams, and I just saw her first name is on the receipt. Maybe I should find a reason to go there again, despite her probably having the stereotype criminal boyfriend. They always seem to go for the rough types, the nicer the woman the more disgusting the boyfriend. It's rather a long way to travel but if I was getting a reward at the end of it I'll find a way.

I'm not getting to bed any earlier despite the Funtrivia quiz round ending an hour earlier (soon to end thank goodness) but am getting everything done regardless which is all that really matters. Meanwhile I wait and hope for a little more than lack of stress to arrive in my life, it is better to have none but pretty quiet and time something good happened. Why should I miss out for so long?


Where's the humour said...

A tad dull.

David said...

That is my empathy, you felt what I did.