Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yes, it is dull

The latest (and only) comment said a tad dull. Well, that is the empathy I have created, as it reflected exactly what I was conveying at the time. Now at sea we all want a storm to end (been there, for 4 days to be precise) but if in a sailing ship it's not a lot better to be becalmed. No storm or discomfort, but not going anywhere or doing anything. So although all the shit and business activity has subsided there's little in its place. I have the new photo memory to allow more variety (although the video has been playing up since I added it and lost two as a result) but that can't keep me busy for that long.

The best way to relieve the dullness here is not to report what I'm doing here, and as I've used up every variation of nursery poop-words and the stories from the past are not worth repeating or relevant, and there is no more philosophy, but make it up. That's fiction and not what blogs are for (like I wrote in my diary everything I wanted to do but didn't) so I can't do that either. To mirror my grandma I will have to go over the last week and you'll just have to take it like a man/woman/entity from other dimension.

My glasses arrived on Tuesday which I think I already mentioned, they didn't fit quite right and my attempts to stop them tilting have been partially successful. I've taken photos in Hampstead Garden Suburb, and views from Sunnyhill Park in Hendon and Barn Hill in Wembley although even on full pixels are not that clear. The final hurdle for digital photography is they compress data ie leave it out. I can't see any way round this. I also discovered only a few small bike shops sell tyre valves so can't use the bike yet until I do find one where I can also park. I created my 6th photo album, a softback one for the first time which will arrive in a few days. The list of phone calls is growing, some are never in and others are too much effort to make. Destined to failure in many cases I suspect. Meanwhile I seem to have put off the person from Big Brother from seeing me, either as I turned down his invitations or he didn't like mine. You can only compromise in life and if you want to see someone should be patient enough to wait for something you can both do. Does everyone know this?

No plans left, not that that means a lot, except the indoor work, my next article and then more paintings I won't be able to sell. But at least it'll mop up some time. All the latest videos I've watched showing how to have various psychic powers and become enlightened seem to have had no effect, although I know as I've done it before I should be able to see auras again somehow. But the psychokinesis which seems so easy in the film is yet to happen. I can't see anything ahead but that never meant it couldn't happen. Rarely does but not impossible.

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