Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogging lesson

Well life may be beyond reporting sometimes but people can't read blogs that don't update so let's see what I can drag from the last few days. Shopping aplenty, new bits to hopefully fix my bike tyre so I can use it again (53 years old so not as easy as it could be), new watchstrap (I've now spent as much in straps as the bloody thing cost originally as they are plastic), and a 1950 Dinky coach for £12 in very good condition worth at least double. They had a battered looking identical one for £15 so maybe someone had made a mistake but I'm not complaining.

Few plans now, I am taking some photos again with the new memory when the light permits, and indoors first the article then a painting. From other's side the two TV programmes ahead and that's about it. Little beyond the expected has happened (in a nice way) for a very long time. The lack of stress is good, but that's not really living. Tolerable but little more. Here the only blog I read I liked didn't accept comments so lost a potenetial reader, except I'm not sure a word there was his own as each was revealed as a quote. Silly bugger. Write your own material or delete the blogs guys, we can read collections anywhere without amateurs using blogs to compile them.

I can give a quick lesson on blogging for those who hesitate or repeat others, see the empty box, either plan in advance or not, but if not then just start writing and see what happens. It works. You can edit it so no need to worry about writing crap, but it's in all our heads and till now few had the chance to share it. I could connect one current topic with its general theory and then old stories about it, and create a whole piece as a result. Done a few hundred. No idea in advance but I do know you can't tell which are planned and which aren't. The authority behind my advice is years of imposed essays, ending in a request to write for one of the places I studied with. My grammar will always need tidying as I never learnt any, but professionals have editors to do that and I don't. But having a beginning, middle and end is the normal structure and what you do within that is free association and flow. Each person's will be different but think of what you've been storing up all your life you could share. Must be as much as me or anyone else.

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