Thursday, November 01, 2007

The ultimate satsang

Plenty of activity for a change. Firstly for some reason there appears to be a whole new heap of advaita lectures online, and most I've never heard of. I think I've got it. Enlightenment has had a bit of a dodgy press. The two elements of difference and amazing experience appears to be wrong. Every person I've listened to says the one thing. If you look at how you are now, but differently, that's it.

Technically they are right. What am I now? Simple. Nothing, awareness of that nothing, and a whole lot of stuff within that such as thoughts, feelings, sounds and images. But no 'me' as such behind them, and certainly no past or future as well.

So does that mean I'm enlightened? I can see that very clearly, mainly because a couple of them actually explained it clearly. Without using the hundreds of extra pages one uses I can repeat it clearly as well. I am what is here now, consisting of awareness and stuff going on within it. What else is there? Nothing. The bonus for many is when they discover this they get a great feeling of peace, relief and often this lasts possibly indefinitely. Enlightenment is only there when it does last. And why would everyone bother to spread the word if it wasn't better to know this and be aware of it than anything we had before?

So there is nothing we need to get or be different, just see what is there now but as it is. Does it work for you?


Matthew | said...

Enlightenment is a perception of non-duality. It doesn't necessarily mean anything other than that...

Loving Awareness : A Journey to Wholeness

David said...

Thanks Matthew,

That makes sense, and being one who'd rather know the truth than an illusion I can see how despite being enlightened it may not necessarily make people happy knowing this truth. I trust the masters that this is a superior state though so will always hope for it myself.