Monday, May 05, 2008

Why Al Gore is the antichrist

No matter how much you know the rules, don't rely on the unreliable etc as taught by my master, Prem Rawat, you still have to live with a world which is unreliable and offers far more than it can ever deliver. I have about 2 weeks left to know if my newspaper article will be used, and at 48 am pretty overdue for the successful career I've been building all my life. One of my clients has just got his first paying media job through me, and may well become a household face if the work is what I'm expecting. More when I know. Otherwise I do have my freedom currently and am using it to the best of my ability.

Unlike many, along with my personal campaign to quash the monster of global warming (the story, not the temperature rise), and such cack as 'building an house from carbon friendly materials rather than bricks and mortar' on Channel 4 just now, which tests even my strong stomach, am working to replace the nonsense with something real. I've been promoting the Wardenclyffe Tower which is the only clean energy generator known to work, built 100 years ago and stopped as soon as JP Morgan discovered the electricity was free to users, but after it was made and shown to work. Cheap oil was used since, the project being forgotten by all but enthusiasts like myself, and now oil is no longer cheap or readily available (quote, OPEC this week, who will not be increasing production to meet demand), the time has come to use the old and known methods dropped when uneconomic for the powers that be.
I'm sending a message to all who can promote this for me, and one by one each organisation will be informed in the hope one will realise the wind turbines Shell just dropped as they worked out they don't work, and solar panels are not the answer. You don't replace oil with fuel that costs even more, that's fucking stupid and causing even more poverty than relying on what oil we've got left. Or electric cars which are less powerful than the gokarts I drove in France when I was 10. And they forgot the essential point. When you plug in the electric car for half a day to get 50 miles usage out of it, where does the power come from? Er, power stations fuelled by oil. Just move the problem up the chain, like sweeping the shit under the carpet. I know the resistance to new/new old ideas, and skeptical attitudes of authority, but the Tesla tower is shown to work and JP Morgan did not invest in schemes before he knew they worked. Or he's an idiot.

So, Al Gore is the antichrist, I must be the opposite, doing all I can to reverse the damage this Nobel Prize winning liar has done to the realm of truth. Not libel god forbid, a British court showed 17 (token) lies in his film, they probably ran out of time to note the rest. And paying carbon credits for all his travels to, er, himself. Yes, a shining example of Nobel Prize material if ever we needed one. And Hitler missed out? Surely his attempt to purge the world of Jews was almost as noble as Gore's attempt to wipe out CO2? Both were mad and both had millions of followers who were, frankly, no better. Use discrimination. Don't accept some BBC twat who tells you temperatures will go up 4 degrees after your kids have had grandchildren and died, and it's your fucking fault. Don't trust the spivs who try and sell you solar panels they know will take that long to pay back the thousands you spend on them while they fire their houses by gas and oil.

As David Icke says, simply seeing through a lie makes it lose its power, and my often thankless task is to point out those lies wherever I can, until one by one a person at a time sees through it. And the opposition rarely kill us now, they just call us mad. Like that's supposed to stop us being correct. 'Don't listen to the scientists who say man made global warming isn't real, they're all mad' is all they say now. Not 'Their measurements are wrong' or 'I can show you why CO2 is warming up the planet'. They can't you see. The planet's been the same for 10 years and now they say will continue to remain the same for 10 more. Now pardon me if I don't see the urgency in switching my car for a bus.


ctr said...


Although I do agree with you regarding the basis of your post, you need to do a little bit of fact checking my friend.

The Wardenclyffe Tower never worked as expected by Tesla. It was reportedly quite a sight to see though.

Electric cars are no longer grossly less powerfull than those powered by gasoline.

Power plants are NOT and never have been powered by oil but mostly by domestically mined coal.

I could go on, but I think that I've made my point.

For you to blatantly state such falsehoods makes you look like you are ignorant and, more importantly, hurts the message that you are trying to send. If you want people to really listen, you have to do research and actually know what you are talking about, (unless you happen to be Al Gore apparently). All of this hearsay mumbo-jumbo just isn't going to cut it. You're on the right track, it just needs a bit of straightening. I wish you the best of luck.

David said...

My statements here are the tip of a huge iceberg ctr, one researched for 7 years and pretty watertight. It's with the benefit of great independent scientists round the world prepared to challenge the new false religion I get my data, so you will need to track down my sources (see and challenge them, I am only the messenger.

Electric cars are nothing to do with the power, but the fact they can't go very far, and use fossil fuel (or even worse, nuclear) indirectly when they charge up. It's just a separated source of fuel but the same fuel nonetheless.

The Wardenclyffe tower was accepted by JP Morgan as able to transmit power before he questioned the method of payment. How he would have done this if it didn't work I'd be interested to know, as there is precious little data around on this it's hard to get more than the basic skeleton.

Coal fired power plants are being outlawed in Europe so by 2024 are due to be phased out altogether (as they don't make any Arabs rich I presume). Unfortunately coal is also running out so only slightly less precarious as relying on oil.

I'd also recommend Philip Stott's website which says all this far better than I can and agrees with every word. With my limited resources and time (and I'm not paid to spread the truth unlike the people who spread the lies) I can't double check every point but the big picture remains the same. it's a con, full stop. The rest is just in the details.