Monday, May 19, 2008

More assorted shit

Life as usual is good in parts. The article is now in permanent limbo, officially shelved and unlikely ever to see the light of day except when sent to the bin. That's the media, and That's Life, in capitals, is because the same thing happened with a piece I did for them in 1992 or so, for BBC. They called me to come the same day when I was out, so as I wasn't available to film they sent a photographer the next day instead as the film crew was presumably on a tight schedule. Nothing followed. Shit happens when you work for the media.

Otherwise in my 4th global challenge quiz I qualified as immortal for the first time, the top 30 qualify and now the ones not including past immortals which is around 40. I came 9th already! I have to keep playing to keep the position, but a week or so from tomorrow it should be over. These are the top standard of players worldwide from leagues and TV quizzes so no poor competition but the best.
It was a busy week, more work than usual (usually happens in bunches) and that included a little gardening and dumping rubbish for someone I know without a car. From the 4th floor and 4 trips in the lift to do so. Not as simple as being on the ground floor like most of our rubbish would be. Never mind, it kept me busy. The week ahead is currently free and not one specific plan besides housework and gardening. I'll do some photo trips including Horsenden Hill which is a park in Greenford, although I suspect the photos will look like all the others it's an afternoon out. My days will still be scheduled for the 3 rounds of quizzes a day, split in 3 sections of 8 hours to play them plus a daily one. Then my time will be free for whatever else I want to do but well worth the effort put in so far.

Again, with nothing else known ahead I'm forced to live in the present, the article kept me concerned (quite rightly) for 4 months as my radar told me something was up from the first day. I can do that. It doesn't mean it won't happen but all felt wrong. And boy it was. How long has an editor kept an article before using it before? Who knows? A year? 10 years? I reckon a few months and then they're binned. So as far as I'm concerned that was my chance to get in the papers and now the only way I'll make it is on terrestrial TV which is far more likely as I have a track record. Maybe (as Al suggested) if I get a unique selling point I could become the swearing hypnotist. OK, it's been done before for cooks, but at least I'd enjoy it.

'What did the alien do next?' 'It pulled down my trousers' 'Fuck me, I hope you didn't have a stiffy!' etc. Totally juvenile but look where it's got Gordon Ramsay. Sadly without his F word (Fuck not food unlike the programme of that name) he'd probably still be on GMTV (if he ever was). I personally wouldn't get up that early for anything (OK, maybe the once...).
The next victim, er, woman on my list hasn't called back since I called last week so I assume she is a) no longer single and b) not interested even if she is. One down, who's next? My cleaner? A stranger on the internet as long as they live locally? No one else so I expect I will. I tried one on Facebook and when I clicked her profile it crashed my computer. Twice! Would someone put a virus on their website just to piss people off? Sorry, I meant 'Can' someone put a virus etc, as of course many would but can they? I suspect if an email can then anything else can. If so I'm reporting her.

So, a dead or alive week ahead, sod all to look forward to (nothing unusual there) and all the nice people who commented on the blog recently seem to have vanished. OK, I've been a bit busy to comment myself recently but now you guys know I'm here it would be nice to hear some more.
I know one does pornographic stories, I used to do the odd filthy pages myself but although I suspect they were more popular than the personal stuff they are all a variation on a theme (cock, prick, wank, fart, dog's business, massive erections, tampons, rectums, back door scuttles and now wash your hands). You see what I mean. So short of rearrange the same words and phrases within varying situations to increase the viewers at least my life (and yours) can never be exactly the same each day so report that as usual. A few (ie the great minority) people are still throwing global warming stats at me but the actual figures are so easy to recall after 7 years studying them I can put away every ball for a 6. How and why they continue to believe in the face of evidence frightens me as there are so many sheep out there who will swallow any old crap if supposed to be official. Think for yourselves! Look up the sources they give. Use logic. These stories are good on the surface with nothing behind them, like the Wizard of Oz. It's all one man lying to you. And robbing you. I have no doubt, I may not be able to put a case to disprove God exists (I have tried) but global warming is a holiday. Unless it's all being done by Father Christmas- he would be ideal to use the rest of his time in the year to sit at the North Pole melting the ice. Except it's growing. Sod it, another theory bites the dust...

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