Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gender dysfunction

I've always been confused by people who wanted to change sex, and it just occurred to me that besides sex changes, then why can't people change every other quality they were born with as they 'feel different'? I used to be embarrassed about being Jewish as the English kids (back then that's all there were where I lived, not now) belonged and looked clean and white while I was a dirty tan colour.

So if I rejected my race and religion and decided I felt Christian or Buddhist would it make any difference? No, they'd see me exactly as I was before. Change your features on the outside, people will still tell, trust me. And inside it's always you whatever you do to look like a gentile.
Now had I been black, then what? Would I become a millionaire like Michael Jackson and have my whole body bleached (had it been possible) as well as drastic surgery, after which I would look just like a black person who had had surgery? Or if you just feel white but wouldn't change your appearance would have lived in Sout Africa, and assured the police who were about to beat your brains out for being in a white shop that you may have been born black but you were really white inside?

So how do men and women genuinely want to switch from who they unavoidably are? You are XXor XY. Every cell (billions) has the signature and cutting your cock and balls off may tell the world you're a fucking lunatic (my opinion anyway) but won't make your DNA different. As a therapist I would hope that anyone with gender confusion should have therapy to find why it's there and fix it than let it dominate you and ruin your life. You have XX or XY, you are a man or woman just as Michael Jackson is black. Realise that you have no more chance of becoming the opposite as he has. Be gay by all means as that is a desire not an identity, but there's no need to pretend you are something you can never be.

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