Sunday, May 11, 2008

Current details (pun intended)

Stone me, less blogging and more living for a change. It happens. And even some work.
I seem to have this mission (along with many others) of refuting every plausible and less plausible appeal by the world's rulers to reduce our carbon footprints. In effect it means 'Please reduce your activities to those of the dark ages and pay us for the privilege'

I only have one thing to say to every propagandist who is promoting the evil lie of man made global warming:


Right, now I've got that little message off my chest, I'll go over my current plans. Besides writing this on my new laptop (they really are cheap as chips now, or a tank of petrol, and the old one was dying by the day) the other little projects are slowly coming on, with end of the month deadlines. My global quiz has a week before I graduate, all things (ie computer reliability) being equal, and after 3 before the practice has raised me to 9th in the world, against some of the best players around. Three weeks maximum to complete that one, maybe less. More when it finishes.
Currently nothing needed to do this week beyond the usual little bookings, and unless a woman or psychic event takes my attention am tending to play timed quizzes in my dreams. It's an incredible workout for the mind, your memory becomes sharper and faster and your logic improves working out the right answers from four options. So not a waste of time or effort in any way.

Plans include (besides gardening) little more than waiting and hoping at the moment really. I've got more alien abductee work coming up ahead including being regressed myself, and the hypnotist is now ready. Last week dealt with most of the big admin jobs, car MOT sorted out, professional renewal sent off etc, so the work is over for now although the renewal is never automatic. I'm still promoting Tesla technology as the answer to the energy crisis (which sadly is real) and like my campaign against the global warming monster lie, will keep going and currently aiming to get a prototype generator built from spreading the word to enough people who could do it. I've seen many new technologies disproved, but no one's ever done so with Tesla. And if correct there'd be little need to invent anything else as if you can generate power by magnetic induction (not that I know how he did it but that's the closest I can make out) it's easy as piss and almost free to do as the paired generators amplify the power to more or less infinity (according to the articles I've read).

One thing that also interests me is why no one's ever tried to sell me global warming here. Most forums have their sheep who genuinely believe I'm evil or misguided, and like born again Christians must try and save my soul from the devil of disbelief. Maybe because they can't find a word to disagree with? I suspect the same reason no one's ever sued David Icke for libel when he calls powerful people criminals is because he may actually be telling the truth. There are few other defences to libel.

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