Monday, May 26, 2008

I've been tested

Freedom at last, I've spent 4 1/2 months playing 3 sets of quizzes a day plus a daily one, and it's now over. 8th in the world! I never expected that, and until it looked like I was doing well didn't plan to play them all but had to when it was clear my position was stable. And so glad I did now. So free, and technically nothing more. No fame, at least not yet from the promised and almost expected newspaper article. So although there was the potential for fame (as many others offer work from these articles, rather than being instantly recognised) I may still spend the rest of my life in obscurity. With no woman or income to speak of this was the one door to success that could make my life decent again. Not this time. So just freedom at the moment, and no other projects at all at the moment. Although most projects are sent to me, I can't actually initiate them myself so totally out of my hands.

The women are no better but that's been the same for years. The last one (boring and psychotic) went back with her old boyfriend, and probably the best thing. Three from Friends Reunited are unanimous in ignoring me, all sent messages one way or another and none have returned. Two are very distant which is what stopped much happening the first time, and one more of a friend who clearly doesn't want more now either. But so hard to meet anyone new dragging the past is the only method that could work for the handful of women who are currently single there. But I'm used to that now and fame brings everything else with it. But that's not here either so just the freedom.

No plans now, no need either. Having thought more and more about making sure the computer's working since January to play the quizzes, it won't matter now. I can go to bed whenever I want and the only useful project to follow would be to have another IQ test to join Mensa, but besides the practice I need to try not to be caught out like I was last time when I didn't (they ask you to but charge a fortune) there's no guarantee I'll pass of course. You can't get higher than your best but can easily get lower. I may have a go if the dry run tests get better results. Mensa is the other best way to meet women and friends, and opens the door to a good many jobs as well (no, I won't be looking) if you have it on the form.
So, a week ahead with a few work bookings and little else known. Nothing new there. And more potential for aggravation I needn't bore you with here. I will see.

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