Friday, May 23, 2008

Back again as usual

While I'm here and at a loose end (in more ways than one) I may as well return. It's been all sorts of chaos recently. First the bad news about my article (it was The Sun, 4 million potential readers probably down the drain) and then my grandma has a heart attack (but is recovering well).

In between I've had more work than usual, been in touch with more people from Friends Reunited (probably because it's now free so people can at last reply) and got a date for one of my TV programmes to be repeated (DMAX, 30th May 7.30am) in the UK that is. If anyone's got it set it to record Mystery Hunters and you can see me in action.
I've had to make all my own amusement this week, I see my grandma twice a week usually and that was of course not possible so I've also had to make all my own food and keep occupied. The friends I'd go and see in the past are nearly all gone or busy so no alternatives offered, I walk in parks, went food shopping today and bits of housework and gardening. The stray cat who ate and sat here when I wasn't here ran out of food and waited till I came in and asked for it. He now realises he'll be looked after and has decided to behave like a normal cat but really needs a bath.
And castration but I'm not up for that at the moment.

So with the article stillborn I'm back in empty nothing, the 4 1/2 month global quiz comes to an end next week so I'll be free to go to bed earlier so something, but all the women and media are currently non existent. My teacher said not to rely on the unreliable, and however its potential, the media are the most unreliable of the lot, worse even than estate agents. That was a massive lesson in non-attachment and I didn't get it the first time. But I'll never rely on the sods again until I see the stuff on TV or in print. It actually makes getting women look easy in comparison. Far more opportunities.

Well no more actual projects on the go now, I am arranging for someone to regress me to see if I've been abducted by aliens, but expecting very little there. But of course you can never see the big stuff coming, good or bad. Even when someone tells you you will.

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