Saturday, August 02, 2008

Read this, suckers!

I have to say first despite the standard nature of the comments besides a few, that was partly the aim of the last few entries as having hardly any for months had to 'spice it up a bit' or I feared I'd lose the last few visitors I had. Not that I god forbid would ever make a thing up, it was about revealing more than most should in return for a bit more interest. Negative/positive, as they say on the radio all listeners are counted equally and they don't care why they're listening. Bums on seats, literally the bottom line. Even controversial politics had no effect before as it's possibly becoming more mainstream, and that would be a good thing as we need to fight the bastards before they send us all to the third world economically and technically. One reason so many politicians are apparently against cars as they realise with no fuel we'll have to do without them so maybe are trying to prepare us now by making driving one as hard as possible.

So back to my week, well some may get a shock, others a heart attack, I worked more this week than I have for ages. It usually happens in bunches and (these hours are all officially recorded otherwise I'd be looking for trouble here) the person I do the tax accounts for had an inspection and a return in one week and I am the bookkeeper. That kept me busy I can tell you. Plus one normal client. All over now as far as I know and I can relax and do fuck all until I can think of the next thing to do not with a screen ahead of me.
One thing I've confirmed here is the psychological spread of the readers. I know most reasonable and moderate people tend to keep quiet, but allowing for them the remainder have tended to represent all the ends of the scale, ie the best and the worst. From the mildly authoritative personality to the truly fascist, and the developed spiritual at the other end. On my trivia site the 'right wing', or the goats I think the bible called them would probably not even have reached their first warning but just been booted out on the spot. As I can premoderate this isn't necessary as the real scum now don't appear, and the rest who do are clearly welcome as no one is above criticism. And as Tashi points out, only make themselves look like cunts (my choice of word there). Going online and attacking innocent strangers (magnified by anonymity) is just taking the school bully online, and we all know the sort of impotent insecure tossers are school bullies.
I am professionally next to being a psychologist, and have studied personal development for a few years at college. These guys demonstrate a total ignorance of humanity and human nature just as a dog or cat would. It's the standard bell shaped curve with a few extremes either end and most in the middle, and you only notice the extreme ones. We all know we're there, they're the ones who almost kill us by trying to save 10 seconds and overtake you on a corner or junction. Holding a mobile phone and if dark with their fog lights dazzling you to raise the chances of an accident to maximum. A few times I've been lucky enough to see these twats pulled by the police the second they've shot a red light or weaved across the road, and one real pro overtook me as I turned left and turned his car over just round the bend as I discovered when I caught him up. He'll never do it again (no, he's alive and wasn't hurt at all, but learnt his lesson the only way he could, by failing.

When the unfortunate individual who cussed me yesterday becomes ill as I hope to goodness he does (or she?) and can't work for months I will come and laugh from 9-5 5 days a week, not for a penny. If the only way people can learn is from their own failures then so be it, fail. Of course it is always best to learn from other's mistakes but for that you need an IQ in 3 digits (OK, mine's 169 as I mentioned it and someone's bound to ask), so the only way any of these poorly developed individuals must be forced by life to the very position they are unable to understand in any other way.

Same for smokers by the way, I can be judgemental as well as we are all shades of grey and not perfect. I've never smoked, never been addicted to anything besides sex (the way we are meant to be) so can't figure why people want to breathe in poison and filth. And then some moan about it and still do it. Pathetic. Just to show I don't understand everything but not an offer from Carol Vorderman would make me smoke even one to find out why. I have tried them and it was exactly what I'd expect, and that was it. So maybe I do understand, people try something totally unpleasant and instead of doing as I did and rejecting it saw every other twat doing it and decided it must be a good idea. And the bloody drunks who jam up the hospitals should be transported. Three strikes for all criminals and go to Ireland. They have the room and the climate. It would cost too much to melt and build inside Greenland but there are other places all round the world they could try, look how successful they became in Australia. And maybe all smokers and druggies could go as well, except half my friends chain smoke so I'd miss out as well. The few who wanted to stop were cured by me in an hour or two so it can be done.

By the way, I have views on other sensitive areas but I'm not that fucking stupid to mention them in public. It does get filtered before it's typed, believe me.


Anonymous said...

I am professionally next to being a psychologist, and have studied personal development for a few years at college.

If you're professionally next to being a psychologist, then the field of psychology is in real trouble. You, my friend, aren't qualified to lead a group of strangers to the loo, let alone try analyze them. I wouldn't trust you to analyze a rock, let alone a human being.

It looks like the patient is running asylum...God help us all!

David said...

Just keep digging the hole...

Anonymous said...

David you posted this:

So back to my week, well some may get a shock, others a heart attack, I worked more this week than I have for ages.

All I can say is it is about time! However, what have you really done in terms of actual work? Sit at your computer and tell everyone just how bad you feel about not being able to do this or that? Yet, claim to have ailments/illnesses, but yet you seem to manage to be able to get out and about to take your photos that you just seem so ultra proud of. Methinks that you really need to spend more time actually looking for real work rather than just telling everyone that you talk to people who believe they have been abducted? Oh wait, do you think you have been abducted? Heaven help us all if that is the case. If an alien life form was ever dense enough to want to abduct you, then I do not think very much of them because there are plenty of higher life forms here on earth other than a moocher like yourself.

What you don't realise is that I have been reading your blog for many, many years, and have come to the conclusion that you really have no concept of reality. For one, you have said way back yonder that you had a job for a week and that you couldn't take it, or rather in your now present state, you were made redundant. Okay, you keep on believing that.

Then you say in other various posts that you are afraid of being outside, but yet you manage to get out an awful lot to take your photos.

I wholeheartedly believe that all your problems are just in your head.

Heaven forbid you have to find a job! I do believe that you would sabotage any chances you may have just so you can continue to swindle the government and keep getting your "dole" check (your words not mine). On this you seem just so darn proud.

Really, have you no shame? Do you enjoy telling everyone what a freeloader you really are?

The day you are qualified for anything, is the day Kingsbury will fall into the English Channel.

David said...

Well like the curate's egg that was good in parts as any regular reader is an asset and the opinions are really secondary.

It's only a question of misunderstanding. You were unclear about what I said and have absolutely no understanding of mental illness (and don't want any so I'm not trying to teach you).
Going out is a variable concept, and my problem is more claustrophibia, being trapped indoors where I can't leave easily (audiences, restaurants and sometimes even people's houses) and of course offices and things like that. But my week's job had no paying customers (where I was quite happy to stay) and the boss simply rented the place to someone else and closed the shop down. No ambiguity there.

As for questioning someone's qualifications I wouldn't be that surprised if you question the holocaust as well.