Monday, June 30, 2008

Why aliens have not visited Earth

There are three types of blog, personal, news/information and fiction. I don't do fiction, provide new information when I have it, and otherwise can only report personal events. Being the same life as last time it's difficult to be very different from before, but then again when watching TV do you want total discontinuity in the dramas you watch every day, like Toady and Harold leaving Neighbours on the same day? So if you are interested in a person you have to put up with them following a path as they are as if it's boring for you imagine what it's like living through it.

So, the current daily policy of planning a day ahead when possible or like tomorrow not at all has worked so far. The media work is moving slowly and not surely, but another finish will be very welcome. The one little opening in my life was catching another naughty number plate I'd seen twice before but with no camera or chance to see it parked. My original theory it was a remade BC plate from Canada seems spot on, and very bad as used as a hire vehicle so each user is committing an offence (not enforced mind you). Typically the company who own it who have been there for years have just closed public operation despite still being there, so I will have to barge in the office and see if I can get any sense out of them. Not my preference but left with no other choice.

I am a bit in the eye of the storm at the moment, there is more than the usual chaos around me, but as I am not being directly affected by it am carrying on in a straight line and although constantly reminded of the situations as there's nothing more I can do about them just try and get busy doing other things. The fact those other things are totally unknown now doesn't help but are pretty obvious. More photos (Eastcote?), another video (with or without me in it) and ordering prints now all the shots are on my memory stick. The number plate told me one thing I needed to know, when there's absolutely nothing something can still turn up. Hardly ever admittedly, but this was totally out of my hands as all news is.

So, there are no more plans or ideas. I've done two pages of photo trips already and there aren't any new ideas at all. At least having learnt meditation when there was nothing on TV I did it, until the internet arrived. If there's nothing on life I could do that more. It's true although unertain if possible if you're good inside what goes on outside has little effect. If you can cultivate that meditation is the only way although incredibly slow. And I started 11 years ago.

I reckon this was a major reason for religion as when life outside stops the door to let in God opens. People become so desperate their imaginary wish for salvation becomes so real to them they name it God and build a whole false philosophy on it. Not me thanks. I can see the signs and get well away from what is only a childlike wish for something better, and as the natural can't always provide it it only leaves the supernatural. Jesus, Allah, God, what difference does it make when all seeded by the same lack of success in life. One sad fact to add is not one believer can show me I'm wrong. Of course if they could there'd no longer be any doubt over religion, and by its nature religion can only exist as uncertainty, if certain it would become known science and no longer supernatural, and people would naturally look for something else as they'd find holes in whatever became real.
Maybe the reason aliens don't come and show themselves is not because of nuclear weapons but religion. They decide as long as a planet is still religious it's not ready for them. Makes as much sense to me, they think we're all a bunch of fucking idiots!

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