Sunday, March 29, 2009

This week's progress

No, don't titter, I've been too busy actually doing things this week to stop and write about them. I exaggerate partly as half the work has been scanning Google streetview, but having missed taking the old junction sign near me it's my karma to scan every bloody road in London just in case there's one left. But it's fun, just would have been totally unnecessary had I just done what was needed.
But then I emailed someone to check the one in New Cross was still there and after I'd returned the reply came back there was another one down the road and I went back two days later and got probably London's only old One Way Street sign, albeit needing a good coat of paint on the lettering. And found an old A3200 sign on the way after the couple I knew had been missed. So a good result but a good deal of effort to get it. I'm now complete besides a red triangle sign and as not usually not on main roads need a lot of work and luck to find one.

So besides trawling the internet all day (that isn't new either) I have no idea what's next. But whatever the flow has brought me since it began has continued so am still trusting it whatever. The crossroads sign arrived and is the rare painted one, and the white paint is nearly all gone. No idea how it'll clean up as without raised letters may need more work than I'm able to do. But cheap and legible so can't complain. So I'll trust ahead and see whatever comes, I've more or less googled all the main road junctions I can think of, and my team still pass new ones over from time to time although my map is nearly all coloured in now so few locations left to know. The councils are slowly replying, still more questions than answers (99%) but if it guides them to an answer it will be worth it. Nothing from BBC radio (book) or TV (alien abductees) though but that is hardly a surprise. Or any other media I started working with. Now somehow although I've been too busy to care, I must sort out a woman somehow sooner or later. I can't go to M&S to pick one like I can a DVD player or pair of jeans, and once I finally find a single one who isn't frightening physically and/or mentally there's little success trying to gain their interest.

But I'm only used to mechanical pursuits of success, writing, studying and searching. Women are not capable of fitting into a mathematical or statistical equation or formula and when younger I just went out a few nights a week and tried every reasonable looking one until I got lucky. The social scene for over 40s singles is one which overlapped with my own in my 20s and 30s and basically anyone with more than a few O levels wouldn't be seen dead there so will not meet anyone suitable especially as the supply of mentally challenged patients is over represented there as well. The fact over half the women I've been out with for half my life were part of it does not mean I go looking for problems. The people themselves are usually unaffected bar the worst, but have ups and downs. Inevitably the downs have them off to hospital for weeks or months and doesn't lead to any sort of a relationship. They are as regular as the seasons and although some have found tablets to recover most seem condemned to recurrence for most of their lives.

But I don't dwell on it any more as I've seen it's out of my hands. Googling roads is not and neither is writing articles which I'm continuing to do as well instead of here, although many overlap. Ideas come by filling an open page and some prove invaluable. And then I teach them to others. No credit for it besides normal clients and unpaid articles but many writers and artists go unnoticed for most or all their lives so nothing unusual there. Being qualified or published removes any need for false modesty as if others acknowledge your talent then you needn't pretend you haven't any. You wouldn't want to hear your doctor say 'Well I only follow the books and trust to luck' but anything not an official profession you have to pretend you're not really up to scratch but somehow you've been lucky and anyone else who did what you did could get the same had it happened to them as well. Now few untalented people do well but many do badly as supply has always outstripped demand. The same few people act, write articles and books and the fact so many are related to others in the same field explains who gets the first go and everyone else is left as afterthoughts. If your parents are lawyers no amount of bribery can make their children lawyers, you either pass the exams or not. Unlike any media work. No qualifications needed, just talent and an open door usually with the same surname as you. But I did pass my first law exams as well though as a backup plan.

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