Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another week of freedom

It's still pretty quiet but by my own efforts I've got a little bit going (including someone else sharing the driving) although only the barest minimum. After finding a second version of Hampstead Garden Suburb in Ealing I went and saw it on Friday, and wondering if there were more went to Guildford on Sunday (as only London's on Streetview) looking for old signs (it had one already so a target) and although no more were seen I then found another HGS I'd never have seen otherwise, including one road with the same name. I then found there was an A road in Surrey right round the furthest edge I'd missed and got a lift up there by my father and did find two identical signs although just the number of the road and no place mentioned. Another headroom sign popped up in Mayfair last week (I have a pair of 15' 6'' headrooms from Hackney) but did it on the way home yesterday as easy at night and now have a 9' 9'' which looks brand new even though 45-75 years old. Not like me then. And finally today I had been told there was a red triangle sign lurking in south Herts. but he'd forgotten where, so covered a few more nearby villages and half of Potters Bar and just found another (#7) no through road sign, although with stuck on letters rather than the usual cast iron, which I discovered arrived in 1953, ten years before the signs were stopped.

So I keep Streetviewing, have no plans ahead full stop but managed to work something out day by day so far. I have still found officials to email for various favours and had fuck all out of them besides hearing about one sign I knew already. But expecting more when you're not paying them and it's not part of their job descriptions is fantasy. Due to the amount of teaching now on Youtube I'm doing my active meditation a lot more now as I keep being reminded of it, which may eventually have an effect. I know it can either work gradually and you'll see the changes, or build up and happen suddenly. As I've seen no gradual changes in 13 years I hope whatever work I've done is building up somehow.

Tomorrow and the rest of my life is an open book, I must get an eye test now as the small print is becoming less discernable now and will miss something soon if I don't get it sorted out. I may see if he's free tomorrow or Thursday as there's no longer a single better thing to do, today was sunny all day and spent a couple of hours in the car driving to the country. That's three days running and have some very nice other photos besides the signs to show for it. But besides a woman and fame enlightenment is the true way out for people like me who know it's an option. Now I see so many similar stories from the teachers and explanations it must be sinking in deeper and deeper and may eventually take me over as well. If it's real then it ought to. It's meant to be part of evolution and while our bodies have changed (and probably not for the better) our minds now need to. So far it's been demonstrated the Buddhist view all pleasure is temporary is true, so you need something permanent instead and that is the only thing that is. I could take the hard way, do weird and wonderful practises to break the ego every day, or just do the active meditation anyone can do. They wouldn't all recommend it if it didn't work as well as others. Mantras scramble the brain as well as the mind and if I want a passive meditation to do mine takes an hour already and shouldn't mess it up by doing extra ones, which are not supposed to be done.

Well I really hope something decent happens this week after the months of pushing I've done. Having a TV programme online is a start as no one can miss it. The fact I need to tell every bloody individual personally as Sky have apparently failed to mention it (unless it's in their magazine which only satellite viewers get) but won't get very far with web TV if no one besides the participants realise it's there. It is the first so just being part of that is something, unless it flops totally and no more are done (50-50 I think). Presumably that would mean it would make sense to put it back on real TV so won't lose if that happens. It's officially on Sky2 now but that gets a fair number of viewers although no ads on hoardings.
But the effort I've made searching out and emailing officials, after planning what to say and present both facts, law and appeals to their better nature (no comment) really deserves more than the bin. But so do my articles, interviews and offers to women but it never stopped them going there...

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