Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Current spiritual progress

Freedom is a good place to start, tomorrow and ahead are free although little known besides house/garden work and Streetviewing to fill it so far. As my dad's car misbehaved today I took my grandma shopping and had all mine bought for me as a result. I won't be eating like a pauper for a few weeks now so a good result for all. My reading glasses will be here in a week or so, and just in time as I'm struggling a bit with the old ones. I can read (except a few maps so far) but it's easy to make mistakes and relatively hard work.

Besides that I streetviewed what is the weirdest sign so far, as you can see (besides being wooden which is plain wrong), is almost all in the old style but has no boxes round the writing or anything written (ie no entry) in the little sign, although there is no room for it. It looks like one of the ones made just after the new rules when makers were used to the other type and still made the new ones using the old features. Someone will know. There has been no direction signs on yellow though since the change and capital letters only slip in by chance while they were only used in old ones. There was no missing link between old and new but this is a one off.

Meanwhile the satsang is continuing on Youtube, while my mind understands more and more what enlightenment is I am still waiting to see it happen. One teacher confirmed my first and best view of it which few have mentioned since, but maybe they aren't actually enlightened either as to me if it's not a big deal it's not enlightenment. Just a minor shift in awareness can be done with all sorts of drugs and means nothing. Schizophrenics get them all the time and none have recommended them to anyone. But true enlightenment has always been a big deal and the teachers who say it wasn't really much at all yet still want us to follow must be missing something. Some disregard kundalini although that's the one area we can all feel with a bit of work. Once you know it exists it's the same as being clairvoyant, you are now experiencing your senses doing things you hadn't thought they couldn't so realise the potential below what we're normally aware of. Most people never experience it as without teaching we're unlikely to spin the combination by chance.

I am at that stage (since 1991) where I do something clever spiritually and return to normal, meaning whatever I do manage makes no difference to my life besides the knowledge it is now possible. I can turn on clairvoyance at will, get meditation highs and kundalini rushes sometimes (but wear off as fast as a decent joint, not that I do), and saw auras with an energy push from my teacher apparently with her effort transferred to my vision. Then 99.9% I am as I was before, wondering why if I can see auras at all then it isn't all the time like many people I know. I'm very happy to see the higher frequencies and see smoke around plants and lights around people, it's like being in fairyland. These are only distractions on the path to enlightenment though and that's the double first of the spiritual path, we all aim for it and only a few get it. But unlike lower seconds (my own degree and bloody hard earned that was) it seems if you don't get the lot you get nothing on the way or instead. You can't be slightly enlightened, it either happens or not. It can come for a short time and go, which is the only clues I know beforehand people have, but although I sat next to someone when it happened to him in 1998 nothing like that happened to me.
Unlike in 2003 when a teacher said I was a hobby disciple or whatever he called it, I have more time and interest now and as my practice can be done anywhere if I'm awake I do it a lot more than before when I didn't have a specific method. Mind you it took him 17 years so by that token I'm about due now. Nowadays I don't see anyone on the path like I used to. Most will never get anywhere as they appear to have filled their brains with holes from drug use over many years, while others talk the talk as they memorise the teachings and change not one bit. You only need a good teacher as it's not a team effort, you don't get inspired by other students, but gives us something to talk about besides the other stuff. My life has changed admittedly, and if enlightened the outside and inside world are the same, so technically if anything changes it's you. First the phases (which still happen) of similar things and identical words and phrases witnessed by everyone who saw me, and now the guidance, which went quiet for a week but seems to be coming back in smaller ways again now.

If it continues then I can add that it has partly been guided by me. I saw 'The Secret' a while back and did make the first aim on the list (a big one) followed by another pretty soon after that. If you've read it, the guidance began finding me 3 old signs on one trip as the route I took made me pass one I'd passed many times and never seen, and another as I made a tiny mistake and saw it on the road it was not the one I was told it was on next to it. Since then the big business one worked followed by many more signs including the red triangle one I needed the most for the complete set. The after 3 years my last TV programme went live online.

That means between my wishes and the guidance (no use if it doesn't correspond with them as it's just normal life then) I'm now waiting for a newspaper article and a decent woman for a start. Another red triangle sign or two within 20 miles, and at least one apology/change of decision from certain people who have treated me worse than a serial rapist or murderer. The punishments weren't the same but the attitude they had was.

That is my list now, and will add the gaps between waiting should reduce as they did since this all started. If not then even if they all do but three years pass it won't be so different from normal. Barely any time at all now, and instant karma is another sign as well as synchronicity. I feel the same but outside is definitely different. The profit so far is peace of mind, lack of effort driving miles for new signs any more, but little else. An article should get a few old faces back in my life just as when my friend's brother was on the radio and a pile of old friends caught up as a result as he moved without telling anyone. Producers also begin to pay people once they've reached a certain level, and being in a national paper is a big step towards that status. The woman is self explanatory, and the apologies would both rearrange the energy and the faith I have that people can't be as bad as that. Plus it would get me back one or two of the things I lost as a result.

Tomorrow and beyond are good opportunities for this to start, no delay is involved as I said, and as guided no logic either as the whole of my world has to be arranged for each result to happen. It's no different to getting things the usual way either, it's not cheating but how we should really all live now. And probably always but we may have lost it somehow. All this suffering to get pleasure just means it evens out and we get zero overall as the price we pay usually equals any benefit we get so no profit in the end. If we are donated everything we can still work, learn and help others but there won't be any suffering involved. There really is no need to earn anything in life, that's just what bosses tell you so you don't object to working for them. I didn't stop studying when I qualified, I just studied what I wanted to instead. It's the same for work, I've done plenty of what would be considered work since I lost my regular job but as I rarely get paid for it and never do the same thing two days/hours running but people who write articles, paint and take photos and get paid for it are considered to be working. You see how it's just a matter of perception? Yes, we can qualify in a field or two, but can split that with many other things we don't need to study for.
Anyway, you're all losing concentration now so I won't add yet more ideas and concepts, and hope the guidance brings larger prizes very soon.

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