Monday, May 04, 2009

Gone too damn quiet

So far the system's still working well, I had another convoluted direction towards one of the rarest signs in Britain, from looking at a couple of speed limits, finding a lane direction sign, finding its pair on Streetview and returning for it as in better condition, and finally on the way home seeing (as I was stopped at traffic lights) an old No Entry sign (the one with the words on it). As the paint had worn off it was only as the size was a bit bigger for the space I thought it may be different, looked closely and saw the magic writing. Since Pinewood Studios took theirs out the only known other left was in Cornwall. And now near me. A good start.

I still need more. Having a good sign collection is nice but doesn't change life. Getting back one I'd missed is even better, but now it seems I need the next guidance to something that will improve my normal life as well as collecting objects. The main way to improve is to become enlightened, which is outside my control past doing what I'm taught. Beneath that is the psychic powers that make life a lot more interesting by seeing auras and whatever else is under our normal threshold of vision. No doubts there as I've done it, but like an old man so far can't keep it up. How do you find an old man in the dark? Feel around, it won't be hard. Anyway, that is personal development I'm always working on, and beneath that is the unreliable, people. I need more people around me, women, friends and the like. And a media job that gets me known. I've reached the level just beneath actual fame, as I've watched what happens at each level and a national paper or TV station does the trick nowadays as they tend to lead to more. And that brings all the people and other stuff with it that would change things a lot.

Currently I get something good and nothing changes, I've got it and am bored again as my life is the same. I'm slightly better off financially (quite a bit actually) as well which saves me worrying about that now, and am viewable on webTV 24/7. Sky One Abduct Me episode 3. No plans to go on satellite TV but would be a waste not to. First ever made for web programme. In the UK anyway, no idea elsewhere. All my friends are in it. But most are south of the river John, including that zone of exclusion called Kent. So we speak regularly but rarely meet. But we've done four programmes together now so a pretty good team. Five of us altogether, all brought together by Nick Pope and are known by the big names in the US now as they've been in the programmes with us. One who hasn't been on now spends weeks there meeting them all and has made personal friends of them. I have here for some time although now I work with Nick the others have mainly dropped off for various reasons, but can still keep in touch if I need to. It's a small community altogether as psychic research has few devotees so we tend to meet the same ones every time.

So I'm streetviewing now in case, found what may have been an old dual carriageway sign but there's nothing on the pole. Nothing more yet besides a couple more headroom signs bang in the middle of London. As I have a pair already it's avoidable, except each has a different height. Nerd City Arizona. If I stop looking for signs besides finishing my article and doing gardening there's bugger all else to do except meditate. Becoming a total hermit from necessity may provide the breakthrough I need but I'd probably end up on the internet instead. It's almost the modern equivalent of wanking except you do actually learn something. The current situation is that I've collected a heck of a lot this year but when I'm not collecting I'm apparently nowhere new. I know more or less what I'd like to happen now but in fact a lot of the last few weeks was presented to me. Besides one sign the others weren't from looking, they just turned up when I needed them. That's fine as besides my exams that's how most things have, but takes away most of my control over it. If I was 25 I'd be accused of being impatient, you'll get it all if you keep going and wait. But I'm almost twice that and people are getting grandchildren already for christ's sake. I haven't even lived with a woman for more than a couple of weeks (of hell, my idea to end it). Having relatively direct access to pussy is not enough to make life sweet, you need the right person and frankly the right pussy, and had neither. The next pussy was a tabby one and stayed nearly 9 years, but clearly a different relationship was present there.

Every other gap since the force took over hasn't lasted very long, usually less than a day. Tomorrow has one possible plan which unless Streetview misled may provide something of interest by Heathrow Airport, except the last interesting sign I could read was gone when I went there. Beyond that is irrelevant and will be known about Tuesday. I am free at least, no work bookings yet after the frantic day last week when they were all crammed in with a trip to Edmonton between them. Wednesday was getting my grandma's house ready for her return from hospital and most of Thursday getting her fixed up when she arrived after a photo trip. Friday was very little until I went out at night and found the No Entry sign, which I took during the day on Saturday and saw a heap of old signs in the local history section in the library. But it's hard to trust a vacuum until it gets filled besides the pattern being followed till now.

So I think tomorrow's taken care of, a speculative trip and no more, and not a difficult one. No councils have delivered more than an apology so far but I am asking a heck of a lot. Had it been 10-20 years earlier I could have swept this up in a month as the signs were everywhere, although didn't have the internet to tell me where most were so have to drive every junction directly. But I have for most roads anyway as I've found lots not online so not so different. The week ahead is currently freedom, I will be happy to stay it, finish my articles and the gardening. Any more will be a bonus but my reading glasses are becoming a bit inadequate and must get that checked before I bugger up more quizzes. As my distance prescription goes more minus the reading will go more plus. Old age of course. But still very good with the correction so not complaining there.
I do have a list of 'preferences' like a national paper article, dragging up a woman from the past or present, and all the others I mention constantly. I do deserve them and whatever work I don't do now I did in the past where others may not have. Tomorrow is another day and I think I'm covering an area I may never have been to before. Probably as there's no reason to go there.

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