Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daylight robbery by taxation

Today's challenge is to write something original. I was actually busy all week besides a much needed day off on Wednesday, got my eyes tested and took lots of photos. I also suspect all my paintings are sold as they are not in the gallery, but haven't heard from the boss yet. But same result if they've lost them but would rather someone actually wanted to pay for them. I have a set of towns to drive in Surrey as they're not on Streetview and may have something of interest as a county which has kept tradition in many roads. The email reply situation seems dead now, not one got me anything besides a possible on a magazine next year, which could open the door to a writing career so pretty important if works.

Other areas are probably under the wider umbrella of focusing on the present, even the days I run out of ideas the internet's there and have two articles to finish as well when it's quiet. I've had to accept I have no social life after the first 42 busy years, after which my last regular friend emigrated and my new girlfriend was locked up in hospital. The remaining weirdos and bores were gradually dropped leaving me with family and little else at the moment, and I've adapted as well as anyone can. People come and go as they please and someone will turn up sooner or later who is around for the long stay. Most friends have lasted 20-30 years on average so only need a few. But being single at my age means the couples treat me like I treat the other singles who are so through lack of social skills. It's a bit of a ladder with each level avoiding the one below it. My status will have to come from my abilities, and that needs the media or some sort of miracle to make them known by the public.

I know some of my talents simply as I can see how few people understand what seems bloody obvious to me, or easy to discover with a little effort. Most people are so wrapped up in prejudices they can't accept the truth and I don't try and waste much time trying to get through them. My communication is purely from training as my essays were woolly and forced to shape up or ship out in the 2nd year of college. Once I got the hang of paragraphs, beginnings, middles and endings, and supporting arguments I was able to present my knowledge. So a writing career is ideal as the tens of thousands of words I've written for essays and still do mean I'm keeping it warm the whole time and even if I make mistakes am usually aware of them and can correct them. And the number of lies many people believe means there's a huge audience I am obliged to play to as I don't want to be ruled by liars. I know people won't reduce the power they use if taxed as do the politicians. That's why they tax it. If people did reduce the usage they'd tax something else as they'd lose revenue otherwise. The climate is as important to most politicians as it is to me as an issue, but as long as most people don't bother to check the facts they will continue to rob us based on these lies.

Does anyone want to be robbed? If no violence is used then telling us they must extract our incomes for climate change is no different from taking money from bank accounts by hacking. They are more honest as they don't pretend they're doing it for charity. Why emotion prevents enough people from realising climate change is not real beats me. They ignore the reasons for increased amounts leaving their pay packets every month and going on petrol and gas, and blindly accept it's to stop climate change. King Canute sat in front of the waves not to try and stop them but prove he couldn't. That was many years ago and we still can't. We can't make the climate better or worse. It can't be done. Volcanoes, ocean currents, and most of all the sun can do that very well and cows farting and people using light bulbs can't compete with that on any scale. 3% of CO2 emissions, and CO2 is not proven to cause the greenhouse effect (who tells you that apart from people on the internet?). NASA know as their Aqua satellite found it isn't doing so, as well as enough calculations that show we'd need a heck of a lot more than 0.04% to do anything even if it can be done. Human beings can't do that.

Now if you see someone being mugged you'd want to help if you could, so what's the difference with trying to help them being mugged by politicians? They can't knife us so we haven't any excuse not to fight them verbally with facts, something they are very happy to keep to their own circles and rarely share with the public. But the internet means facts are now freely available and as old books confirm CO2 hasn't gone up as it was the same in 1961 as it is now tells me the foundations are built on no more than CO2 and nothing solid. The trick they used (in case anyone questions my own veracity) is that CO2 in the atmosphere is variable. There is no 'right' amount. The normal range for memorable history is 0.02-0.04%. They took a lower figure for the 60s and then the maximum for the 2000s which is an increase of about 60%. The fact the normal range covers 100% is no longer added, creating the view it's gone mad and the fact they then assume it's our fault is a story even the wolf would have been proud of. You know the one I mean, the one who said he was grandma, and then all the kids who shouted 'wolf!' until the day he really came no one believed them. People, you are all being robbed and I am the police. I know it even if you don't.

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Anonymous said...

G'day sunshine. Just push the local decent bookshops to get in stock ASAP Heaven + Earth. Global Warming: The Missing Science by Ian Pilmer. Published here in Australia by Connor Court but don't know who the UK publishers will be. Cost about 20 quid paperback. The 503 pages book tells you the TRUTH about the great global warming con trick the politicians etc are doing to the public. Best book you can read this year. Do you realise that Al Gore got his Nobel Prize without HIS alleged facts being checked by his peers. He should be convicted of fraud and causing publish hysteria.
Have you ever thought of doing a photographic study on pavements? they change over the centuries.
Great to see the UK politicians are ripping the UK citizens off. Just proves the old saying "Don't do as I do but do as I tell you" Hopefully HM The Queen will force Mr Brown and his tribe ... sorry government to have a General Election. Pity she won't do the same with our damn socialist governments, both State and Federal.
Don't worry about the lack of female company. I was 55 before I got married and then tragically my wife died after three and half years and I had know her a total of 49 MONTHS. But still best part of my life. Anyway who wants to have kids? 7 billion people in the world is six and half billion too many.
Look on the bright side of life. You can still get Walls Ice Cream and Cadbury's Flake.

Cheers from Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia