Sunday, June 07, 2009

Another week passes

For me it was a busy week. A few bookings and more for next week, another trip to the supermarket for grandma (no car since last year) which she thoroughly enjoyed, and a couple of photo trips in between. I suspect the old signs have more or less run out, especially any new ones not repeats, and heard nothing whether they'll write an article about me painting the old sign last weekend yet.
The Euro election results are coming out, at least when Big Brother finishes. I suspect UK Independence may not show the promise they suggested as I switched during the ads, although having it on a final fold in the betting slip (near enough) so you couldn't find it without undoing them completely. I checked the list on the wall first (as they don't always have a candidate at all) and saw they did so just kept undoing the paper till it got to number 13 on its own at the end. Why anyone choosing to vote for them wouldn't do the same I'm not sure but there were a lot of complaints. Like the Literal Democrats a few years ago who fooled a few dyslexics if nothing else.

OK, just turned over to find the BNP got an MEP in Leeds. That'll distract a few people from the real issues for a week or so before they get back to serious business (ie robbing us all). There's no room to reduce petrol tax as our wonderful prime minister has borrowed so much we'll be taxed like fucking Zimbabwe for the rest of my life. Even a new party will inherit that debt, no gold and little oil and no serious manufacturing to make it up. UKIP currently 2nd equal with 3 so a good start though, if they do well enough a few real politicians may lose their inhibitions about questioning our membership at last.

Back to my own crap, I'm free besides some bookings as mentioned, hair is cut, eyes tested and corrected and just got some more shop vouchers to use at Brent Cross. once I know what to get with them. With road signs running out after about 6 solid months something has to replace them and as they weren't planned then I don't expect any more to be ahead. I just squatted 85 kilos in the gym, 5 more from last time and my legs can clearly improve faster than anything else. I will be visiting the library again partly for advertising and partly to check out the talent as described already. I only ask out one or two women a year nowadays and even the ones who agreed pushed me away as soon as I tried anything besides one who I waited about 12 years for one little kiss. That seems to be the return rate at the moment.
I also have a phone lesson to book with the latest teacher who says any efforts to enlightenment should work, so will see what he can do. The rest will either be routine or a mystery.

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