Thursday, June 04, 2009

It must be guided

How's this? I was wondering after a week far more like my previous life whether it meant the guidance had gone, so within a few days I read in a magazine that once we know there is guidance we have to trust it even when we think it's gone. How much more of an answer could I have had than that?

I can't remember what I mentioned last time, but must have been past the sign painting as that was on Saturday. Despite our fercuckter government committee of 1963 choosing the cheap and nasty Euro-symbols to lick the Froggie's arses in preparation to join their gambling club, I mean Common Market, the library manager told me that by adding the words 'No Entry' to the previously empty sign should actually deter more people from driving in the exit. No shit Sherlock... That Mr Worboys who did the same to our signs as Al Gore did for honesty should be sent to suffer a Greek myth style journey of our A roads trying to follow his shite signs for eternity. Especially those councils felt obliged to remove but were never replaced just when you need one. The guy was the word I'd rather not use but we all know. Enough said.

For those (I expect they exist) who feel sorry for me from the drought of females I did have a visitor today who served that particular requirement for some time ahead. If I had nothing else in life decent sex (or even average) would put a smile on my face above anything else. OK, it may have been average but I made up in quantity any other shortcomings. I think it's mainly women who love going into details (they are wired via the heart rather than the eye like men) and I normally only mention it when it hasn't happened, but this was after such a long time I didn't want anyone thinking I was still stuck for any.

Besides that I'm pretty well free, I have what would be called work/chores the next couple of days, and a possible newspaper article about painting the sign if they think it's worthy of one. It'll be about time as I really want this to have a higher profile. And if it raises mine that won't be bad either. I was reporting on a London forum recently about it and someone pointed me to a thread on a road website with all the old sign details and I said I know, I wrote it. The message is slowly being got. I'm also following another teacher, JC Mac, who says basically once you look for enlightenment you ought to get it as the teaching erodes the ego until there's not enough of it left to survive. I'm having a phone session with him soon as well so that should be interesting. I almost feel I've understood so much about what enlightenment is and how you get there I should be on the edge by now as I learn more and more about it as it's put out there, and can see pretty well what it is and how you get to it now.
Despite having no prior events which turn it from a theory to an experience I feel that I must have created a weight that is becoming too heavy to stay put and will soon have to start rolling away. And unlike ten years ago there are hundreds of newly enlightened teachers turning up, implying whatever was holding it back in the 90s when I started learning has now started to free up and the efforts are getting paid off.

As far as the new woman is concerned I've decided to pursue that myself and pay another visit, paying close attention to the ring finger situation. Getting her boss involved is not a good idea so will keep it between me and myself. She seemed like she might be a bit boring but will give her a chance just in case. The old test is whether they laugh at my bottom jokes, a very basic but successful method as it always seems to work. I just can't see her doing that somehow but if I can take her out and then get her into bed I won't worry about other details as she is pretty stunning in her own way and well worth a try if single. She needn't be marriage material for that really. I just wish someone was.

Tomorrow is also the first time I've cared about the European election (like voting for TB or cancer) simply because the UK Independence party may do well. The only commonsense in Britain I know few others share it (we wouldn't have anyone mentioning carbon emissions otherwise by now) but a good test to see how many do. Being in the EU is so fucking obviously doomed to disaster only crookery could get us in (Heath admitted lying about its powers, as I already knew and told everyone at the time). Who would join a club that cost them £40 million and got nothing for it besides losing the power to make its own laws?
Big Brother also starts, another few months of hypnotic viewing again. I almost feel like an addict now as I can't get through each day without an hour minimum on TV, and far more when live streaming. I'd love a person or two living with me as well but would still watch them as I'm nosy and find watching people fascinating.

So if guided (as in somewhere worth going to, not off a cliff) I ought to be getting more and more as time goes on. Up till now the permanent things I've got have been useful in business, and only my degree marginally useful otherwise as allows me to speak with far more authority in a world which values education than without. But I know both my own potential and life's and don't want to miss out. I did a little diagram last week that explained my situation, and discovered that besides qualifications, which even that was curtailed by having to drop my master's degree, I've never succeeded in any important area other than the smallest crumbs. No wonder I'm pissed off. Compared to the full set I've only got the leftovers in each category, just the barest amount more in each than having nothing at all. My modern colour (1978-88) train ticket collection is also complete although the proper colour ones before were the decent ones so only second prize there.

So I know exactly what I'm missing. There are then the categories of enlightenment and out of body experiences I haven't got any of at all (how many have?) but would like at least the first for the full set. Women, fame, collections, and any other top level areas have had only the scraps although fame is one hardly anyone gets at all so relatively way ahead of most but not enough to actually be known yet. But that won't get me very far if I died tomorrow would it? So that is where the guidance must be going to as otherwise there's no point in it is there?

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