Friday, June 26, 2009

The middle of the week/mittelschmerz

What indeed? Looking back over the times since it was impossible to see events in any other way than guidance, as the complex situation repeated itself about four times so far in case anyone thought it was a coincidence the first time. Road signs acting as signs of a greater force is a pretty direct method as well. Now once the guidance works for the good (after a very rough up and down 49 years, with more downs than ups) then maybe I needed the earlier life to become prepared for the next? And if it works to provide me with old road signs then why not all the other things I'd been missing till now? I will see.

This week is the first not seeing my grandma two evenings a week although friends use that as a reason I never see them nowadays. Well they are here now and she isn't so I put my money in the right place didn't I. I can catch up with them but never look back and get any days back I'd missed had I not gone there so often. If any vacuum is filled then I'll see how this one is, I'm working a bit the next two days to fill that space and may waste money seeing Ray Davies (Kinks) over the weekend as I don't intend to stay for more than a few numbers as I can't stick crowds. Except football crowds which somehow is so familiar I have become immune thank goodness. The friendlies start soon, I have the timetable and hope to do one or two now, after five or more in some years. You can only watch Reading and Charlton so many times without the novelty wearing off. Maybe Dagenham and Redbridge (one team that is) or even West Ham (away) again if I can get in to that one.

Having seen a long list online of people who have met celebrities realise anyone living in towns and cities can't avoid bumping into them sometimes so even meeting Elvis (or the late Michael Jackson as people are now recounting 15 minutes since it was announced) is not that unusual as they travelled all over, like the Queen I bumped into although didn't talk to her as she was in her car. So invert the pyramid and if any celebrity connections continue it would be my aim to be it rather than the other way round. Celebrity is cheaper and easier than it was but still a relative handful of people. I've been ploughing and sowing that field since I started drama classes at 14 and will keep on in case it happens. That may also pay the bills and provide the women and friends who have dropped off in the last few years.

Looking ahead (notice the change of colour for the different topic) I must let each day unfold as it comes. I can't control that much, and having been sent a slew of old signs on Monday just when everything had gone too quiet shows how that works. The nearby council said they'd paint the sign but I won't give them the location unless they tell me they won't just take it out instead as many would do. Better a mess than nothing. The one day I was free this week was the one the library was closed but that will wait. And if I see Ray Davies on Saturday that's another for the collection. A hero of old there I never thought I'd see perform. Being a mile from where he lived I can't really see me getting near the place but will see. Well that's it for now, I expect most blogs for the next few days will be about Michael Jackson but Elvis dying was the lowest point for me and that can never happen again.


Anonymous said...

There I was saying to myself well THIS will be ONE website where there would be no mention of that freak of human being, MJ - I won't even mention its name, who could NOT sing nor dance and had a severe mental problem and was an appalling example for people, especially children, to follow and live by and he should have been banned from having children and should have been put in a mental institution at an early age. And what do I find YOU, YOU of all people mentioning the damn freak. Over here in Australia the news websites, the tv and radio are full of crap about the freak and tomorrow, Saturday the only damn paper we have in South Australia The Advertiser is going to have FOURTEEN pages of crap about the insane person. I will be throwing the WHOLE paper in the rubbish bin with reading a thing. I just hope that the national paper The Weekend Australian does not mention anything otherwise that will also be un-read and put in the bin.
David how could you even put that stupid things name on your website. I guess you are cracking up in your now advancing years. From Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia.

David said...

Roger, you're becoming my conscience here. I wasn't intending to mention it at all, and agree with your analysis, I couldn't stand him myself, although he had a great voice the material he used it on, plus the total lack of morals and honesty in his own life (whose children did he live with and look after I wonder?) were what I was the most aware of.

But as until I started writing it was speculation and they announced the official news right in the middle of writing it was pretty hard not to simply mention I'd just heard it, literally. I didn't do any more though as could never actually bother to write a thing about him otherwise.

I just hope some of the truth about his plastic surgery, skin whitening and most of all the parentage of his children comes out now he isn't here to stop it. No doubt someone will be bribed enough to tell.

By the way, I can't understand why blogger won't let you comment as yourself, we can all sign in and comment and have to opt out to be anything different. It can't vary for anyone as it's the same format for everyone (unless the browser's different sometimes).

Kate said...

Yes, he was squeamish and weird, and tiresome at times. But he had help getting there. Some of us can handle being abused as children and, apparently some of us can't.
Actually David, I just stopped by to give you my new blog address, just over a couple of streets, so to speak. Much is happening here in the States that I feel strongly about but can't say much beyond 'nice weather we're having' over at FT.

David said...

Good to see you back Kate and with a shiny new blog. I had this ages before FT and suspect they'd get even more activity there if they loosened up a bit as well. Bit of an exodus in the last few years otherwise.
I'll update your link soon, and hope you add a few good 64 dollar words or whatever you call them there. You know the ones I mean anyway.