Friday, June 12, 2009

No aliens, women or fame

Besides Big Brother being on everything is just about neutral at the moment. I've had enough work to save me trying to waste time and money driving around on my own each day except today which was just a rest day. I would have gone to Primrose Hill (they have a free outdoor gym but the parking probably costs as much) but with the Tube strike safer not to go on the roads. The last events on my list had UK Indepndence beating Labour into 3rd place in the Euro elections, the Liberals even worse being so pro-Europe. Labour are still slagging off the people's choice even though no sensible informed person wants to be robbed and ruled as if the fucking Nazis had won the war after all. That does imply they have infiltrated our governments and trying to win politically as clearly can't with the military. Pretty clear now I think. But not really my problem besides the price of petrol and gas.

But my list has again come to an end. Whatever did happen (fixing up the no entry sign and UKIP doing well) happened and nothing else did (article about no entry sign etc), and there's nothing on any system now. But I'm keeping busy enough not to take much notice at the moment. The aims are the same as usual, women, fame, enlightenment and if I'm very lucky add to my old sign collection. I've also started a Facebook group to ban road humps as Streetview revealed they are on nearly every road like chicken pox. As I say, if I could I'd line each of these councillor's wives vaginas with sandpaper so they could get some of the treatment they happily hand out to us (at our expense as well). It is cruel and absolutely pointless.

Otherwise I've been using my time making up poetry and music for Youtube which at least keeps the performing side warm. And although you can get an idea you never quite know which of 100 projects will take off. Write a quiz and 9 will get a few plays and the last 1000, and not always certain which will be that one, and then which will be the highest rated. Life is mainly the same, not the effort you put in or time you take but random elements. And I've been so busy Streetviewing (there are lots of roads in London and must cover them all) I haven't been reading blogs or much else besides upload photos and play daily quizzes as time is of the essence.
There's a steady supply of teaching on Youtube as well which said the other day it's only working like an alarm clock, each person needs a certain level to wake up. So I keep it ringing and see if any works.

So, no plans at the moment, but that's not unusual. Better than crap to do which was a lot more frequent in the past. I've blown out many of the causes of that though as they needed me more than I needed them and it's surprising how many apparent obligations we can drop with absolutely no consequences. Anyone who wanted me just for what I could do for them is better gone, and the ones who didn't don't mind if I avoid taking them places and doing other chores as I'm free.
So if I repeat myself it's only as life repeats itself. If I had a job and was married with kids I may not do this much anyway, but if I did the routine would be just as regular. I will see.

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