Tuesday, August 11, 2009

General mental wanderings

As far as current events go there's nothing to report. I continue to ask for little things from big people and as usual in most cases they don't even reply, including those that know me. Power trips have been written out be every writer in history and like the greed shown by the pratts who borrowed money for things they didn't need 'because it was there' and are now going broke and bringing down the innocent ones with them. And as for the criticism anyone gets for daring to try and explain why global warming is a political movement designed to generate more money than any previous plan you do wonder how the world copes when so many can't even think in a straight line.

I do often wonder nowadays how things that seem perfectly obvious to me, with no need for any qualifications or experience, seem oblivious to most. People I meet don't seem particularly stupid, but someone out there is borrowing money at 30%, telling people to stop driving to save the climate, don't have sex before marriage, people who want their houses removed from Streetview and accost me in the street when I take photos, and buy shares when the market is crashing. I don't now know whether I'm gifted in some way or most people are just absolutely stupid, either in some areas or most. I don't understand anything complicated, I can't do maths and have no idea why anyone doing chemistry knows what to put in their compounds when creating anything from drugs to cleaners. But outside those areas I seem to cope with most things that are presented to me, although also struggle with any subtlety as I see it more as deception than anything else.

Well tomorrow I have two little shopping jobs to do, and that should take me to about 4pm or so, any photos I've taken then get put online and I get ready for the TV session. That's the routine for most days punctuated by bits of work, and unless some or any of these guys I email for voluntary work, publication, queries about road sign locations etc, plus any women I'm after come back with a positive I can't see much more happening indefinitely. I've travelled half way round the world already and wasn't impressed enough to carry on. I normally missed home sooner or later and was only too pleased to be back and in familiar surroundings when I was. I just want a quiet life with friends and family around me. If I did what I did but plus those elements I'd be as happy as needed, and a bit of media work would be the icing on the cake.
There are women who want a similar life, but how do you find them? Usually married to people you know. That's a lot of use. So currently it's good to have the freedom but can only do so much without help. And anyone who can would rather not most of the time. How long this and all the other energy blockages last is anyone's guess, as I've seen it all connected and when one door opens usually all related follow, just as when they close as they are now. And not in my power to alter, I just deal with how things are and can't yet shift any energy even within myself.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

When world government leaders meet in Copenhagen in November to decide what next to use, other than more taxation, to control/manipulate global climate change I wonder if these clever and they are really, really clever, politicians and scientists to be able to manipulate global weather just by charging more taxation, carbon trading it is called, will they then decide to do something to the Sun so that it changes so that WORLD-WIDE the Sun rises and sets at the same time each day so that we get the Sun shining from 6am to 10pm then it is dark from 10pm until 6am. This will allow all businesses to operate at the same global time frame, people world-wide will be able to phone etc to each other at the same universal time etc and whilst these clever people are doing their global climate manipulation they can also ensure that it rains or snows the same amount on scheduled days throughout the world and that the temperatures are the same in each place on the same day. Oh the wonderful things that these disciples of Al Gore can and will do in the name of the World-wide Church of Environmentalists. After having done all this then they will get around to doing something boring like ensuring road/traffic signs are clean and legible, that rubbish is not dumped in public places and that dear David here finally gets to have for the rest of his life to live with him the woman of his dreams.

David said...

Absolutely- we can change the climate by- raising taxes?- yes, how exactly? Stop people breathing out more than a certain amount a day (animal exhalations are a vast source of CO2), and certainly within Europe convert to decimal time, 100 seconds in a minute, 20 hours in a day etc.
Combined with worldwide metrication, driving on the right and all speaking German we could have a new world order.

Hold on, Hitler tried that once already and was rejected...

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