Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A free week more or less

There's half an hour before the TV starts (3 hours!) so got this in first while I have the time. They've just upgraded blogger but means all my data and links are gone and have to find it all over again although I haven't got the URL for the free counter. That may be a blessing with the relatively poor attendance (lucky to reach double figures now after a regular 50 a day in 2006) but still like to know.
Nothing really to report but with no replies from a few relatively important messages there was a very small chance there could be. Now the national quiz is over (4 1/2 months, I came 7th worldwide after 8th last time) I'm spending more time on Facebook, partly to clear the requests (they stop counting at 100 and am nearer 10 times that) but have a lot more friends arriving as well to keep up with. I'd rather have sex with a few of them but can't have everything (well anything really).

I am about to write a lecture on all the material I've got regressing alleged alien abductees after the weekend's session. Although invited to Birmingham for it I think that would probably have put me off all my life, I've done a removal job to Manchester but a bit different hauling furniture and getting the train home again. I've done two mind body spirit fairs in London before and would be happy to put it on in them but will see the reception when I've written it. But this is a small community so should be passed on to the London branch of whatever puts these things on. That would get me pretty well known, albeit hard work but as I used to lecture for a few hours a day on law is not unfamiliar, although that is built in me and found when I left my notes behind gave the same lecture without any. That was also why I gave up as it became so incredibly boring.

I'm still free ahead, and the fact nothing obvious besides housework and gardening are on the system still is better than any plans. Unless I find another old sign or have a female visitor there aren't really many other things I can think of, besides my friends coming back from America one day in the future. I can always meditate and is a lot more to see on Youtube to teach me more although it's not been working properly for a while. That is undoubtedly the key to success in your inner life, while the rest no longer matters so much. Most people are satisfied with their outer and inner lives (lucky them) but I see the gaps and not happy to live with them the rest of my life if I can avoid it.

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