Friday, August 07, 2009

Time for a change

In the world of duality the phase of mediocrity continues, along with the usual sods in authority doing their bit for personal harmony by being the sods they are. Now in such a position I would always make the decision that made the person happy unless it was harmful or they weren't able to do the job they wanted physically. That is the purpose of authority, not to enjoy spoiling people's lives because it makes no difference to you either way. I'm not pretending to be more than I am, just clearly developed beyond these buggers spiritually although I have none of the power to try and use.

My alien regression has a place online ready to be filled now which I'll link when it has, it was just over an hour so quite a bit of writing to do and for a change it wasn't me who had to do it as we had an investigator present so I could just do my work and not all the writeup afterwards as well. In the meanwhile the computer's been playing up for a few weeks and I just got a message saying to uninstall ZoneAlarm which I did, and bingo, it's OK now. Something's working at least. Otherwise the mediocrity has carried on a few weeks now in the outer world, I've wandered round London taking photos of places I haven't before, looking for more signs on Streetview (nothing), and precious little else. I'm not complaining as the freedom is very welcome, I've just waited so long for a breakthrough which seems like it'll never happen.

So I've written to a number of big shots (in very small ponds mind you), the first is an exception as has so far completed most of what he offered to do, and just written again with a further request he may be able to help with. The others, however, are something even Big Brother has to bleep out. If you ask anyone decent a question they'll give you an answer, yes, no, I don't know, whatever. Not ignore you. As I say, I don't waste rude words lightly, but perfectly aimed at this set of misdirected individuals. But I'm writing a big article based on them and I should hint at who each is as well just in case they ever get a chance to read it and may recognise I mean them. I've learnt a lot from their misdeeds at least which in turn I've organised and fed back to others so they can recognise it, avoid doing it themselves and maybe protect themselves from others who do it to them.

The guidance and phases of all sorts continue, despite being of the highly boring type with regard to the phases. The guidance is way above phases, which seem to be waves of energy I pass through where the same thing happens for a while. The guidance is intelligent as the whole world is arranged to come to a useful conclusion and has only been happening for a few months. But I hope for more and get fed up without it. In my own life little has changed. Besides catching up with some old signs left over from my childhood nothing else has I am aware of. I work on my inner being all the time regardless of outside, and the same sort of feeling applies to that as well. I put a lot of energy in and yet to see very little although I believe it can happen and never give that one up.

So of course I know there is more, I remember some of it and see the rest elsewhere, and that is missing from my experience. Nearly all of it. People, places, feelings, experiences, the lot. All blocked as yet. I wonder if when one shifts they all will as energy does change and one tends to follow after another. It may come as a thief in the night suddenly with no warning, or I may see clues or feelings in advance as I have sometimes. I am doing the most someone can do on their side but at levels like this it's outside our say to make these changes happen. If just one big one could show itself I'd have a bit of relief and maybe change the energy enough to let another in and more. I have a few I've personally requested and other people have the say to fix each issue, I did my bit already.

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