Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little Nazism is OK

I was just asked by a fellow campaigner for the truth on climate change about how there can be a correlation between increased taxation and affecting the climate? As the major (only?) political weapon against perceived climate change is taxation then they expect us to accept that raising money can reverse the harmful effects we have had on the climate. Watch this space.
Secondly, and I said it before in the forums and nearly got my head bitten off, one of the highest causes of CO2 in the atmosphere are animal exhalations. While plants breathe it in and exhale oxygen, sadly animals do the reverse, so the most effective way to repair the delicate balance of the atmosphere is to remove all animal life from the planet (nb, plants will also die as there won't be enough CO2 left for them, but a small price to pay I'm sure).

When it comes to political power, Europe lead the world in unification. They are slowly unifying an area the size of the Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire and if it had succeeded the Third Reich. One by one countries are asked to change to fit in, first the currency, then the measurements, and when each is in place something else will be added until we have a homogenous and increasing area speaking the same language, driving on the right, and using the same currency. Then of course principles will be extended to previously imperial measurements for harmonisation within the community. Time, being base 12, is an anachronistic reference to imperial times, so will be decimalised with 100 seconds in a minute and 20 hours a day. And as time is not restricted to Europe the UN will declare the rest of the world will have to switch instantly to harmonise intercontinental flights and trade. And one further step, suggested by my deputy Roger Hooton, is that rather than have time zones which are divisive and isolate nations, from now on all countries worldwide will be on the same time. Then each country will be able to make appointments to call and the time will not vary between nations, and flights will be able to be timed universally with no alteration for local differences.

Communication is also vitally important with local variations excluding outsiders, so Europe will lead the way, democratically choosing the language spoken by the highest population, which of course is German. Because of the political correctness not allowing any country to exclude others through language barriers, a UN diktat will therefore order every country in the world to follow, as it cannot be enough for one continent to speak German, it must spread to all corners of the earth, and if other planets are colonised or found to be inhabited, as the established world language then become the universal language.

Some people may say these regulations go to far, and I agree. But if they do, where do you draw the line before they become unreasonable?


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I totally agree with what you have said. Winston Churchill said something about that Germany may have lost two world wars but they will rise again to win the third without firing a shot as they will do it by trade and take-overs. This is what they have been doing although China is a very close second. Just look at how many companies around the world are actually owned by the Germans and the Chinese. How many realise that the Chinese own, and thus control who uses it, the Panama Canal thereby in a war they have the advantage.
The Catholic church has always had a 'control' in Germany and the Un-Holy Alliance is Germany and the Vatican. Germany (ie the Catholic Church) is heading for yet another war with the Ottoman (Turkish - Islamic) Empire which is why Turkey must never be part of the European Union.
Please keep up your good work of spreading THE TRUTH to the world. Thank you.

David said...

Thanks Roger. I do get bollockings from the sheep who think governments are there to look after us and do their best and I shouldn't dare to challenge them. These are professionals and the sort of naive individuals who have probably never had to come up against the devious evil seen at levels of controlling the news.

I said to someone else if I don't keep saying what I know it'll be the same as ignoring the concentration camps. This latest crap hasn't killed anyone but robbery isn't very nice and if they get their nuclear power people will die for sure.

Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Anyone wanting to know about the world-wide climate change hysteria should check out this excellent article by a very much respected Australian journalist. http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,25916912-5018727,00.html It is a very long article but well worth the read.
At last journalists world-wide are telling the public the TRUTH about the forced hysteria about climate change.

If you haven't purchased your copy of the excellent book Heaven+Earth by Prof Ian Plimer I urge you do so. It is about geological, weather etc FACTS ever since the Earth was formed. It explains how Earth has experienced MANY global warmings in the past, look at how wine grapes were grown in Scotland during the great Roman Empire times 2,000 year ago and then we had a global warming period about 600 years ago and others since then plus we have mini ice ages the last being from 1940 to 1972. The 500 pages is packed with easy to read information. PLEASE IF YOU ONLY BUY ONE BOOK THIS YEAR THEN PLEASE BUY THIS BOOK NOW. Ask your local book shop to get it if they haven't got in stock.

Just remember when the climate change hysteria hoax is proved to be just that in 30 years time people like Al Gore will be dead so why should he worry about what he says now.

Anonymous said...

The German grammar and its rigidity will not support it as a world language. Really.

David said...

I'm sure you're technically correct, but of course all the more so to be imposed on us by outside, Hitler would have and it was only by a couple of votes that made America pick English, German came a very close second. I wonder the outcome of the last war had that been the case?