Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talking to myself

This is actually an exercise to see if writing about things will open the door to allowing any new ideas in, as well as organising my thoughts. I have a free week ahead and few ideas, plus it might snow and keep me indoors. The current options are.

In: Watch videos
Finish spare room
Tidy dining room
Phone calls
Send off my annual psychotherapy forms
Write my next article
Do my next painting

Out: Eye test
Cemetery cleaning visit
Car service

Of course those are in between TV programmes and normal internet activities. I also take photos and videos when light but again limited by darkness and snow so not planning a lot this week. This is the bare skeleton, the rule is normally if tomorrow is covered I needn't go beyond, but although I've been reasonably busy and free for a month or so feel the potential is running down and wanted to see if there was anything I may have missed.

So far nothing has come to me, my current system (normally no more than a handful of distant possibilities) is two articles awaiting decisions, normal work payments which don't really count as shouldn't be uncertain but still nice when arrive, and my latest photo prints which are also not uncertain. The most uncertain now the three witches (in a nice way...) blew me out on Friends Reunited is someone from my drama classes I wrote to on Facebook yesterday so will give that a few days to mature, and that's about it. The only reason I need to make plans like this is I live alone and the old regulars I visited have either left the country or died besides my parents. So more planning is required until someone arrives in my life to replace the spaces left by the previous shift.

So an opportunity to use the two methods from Abraham-Hicks, pivoting, ie looking at the good, and requesting, which is calling in the events as I choose. So to look at the good even if I have nothing to do outside I can watch all the videos queued up, tidy the house completely and see if I can get any visitors, as well as the phone calls. Sadly the old friend I called after hearing on the radio didn't return my message so can fuck right off if she doesn't want to catch up after maybe 15 years. I can also Streetview whatever few roads remain in case more old road signs are waiting to be discovered, they do keep turning up but the roads on the map are more or less covered now. As for creation the list could fill the server memory, but will list the main large and small aims, as if no one knows. I don't think it matters how big the aim as all miracles (as these would be) are equal at that end, only we grade them for size:

A local friend and girlfriend, an article in a newspaper, a programme on terrestrial TV, living back in the area we used to, finding anything I thought I'd lost (the old road sign photo negative was one albeit very distant), find an old friend who actually wants to see me again, get some more work on the old website I was on, get paid for writing, get an apology or three from some of the people who owe me them, fix some of the issues in the world such as proving the global warming graphs are fixed, seeing Al Gore on trial for fraud, getting the truth out on aliens, getting manufacturers to offer old style cars as well as computer designed abortions, and of course my own enlightenment.

Having got two of the old road signs like this as well as fixing a major business issue I am already gaining confidence, as none were guaranteed by any means and also the larger end of the miracles from this side. It's no less of a miracle to be given £5 than £5000 really as if you call either up they were added to what would have happened otherwise. Like dreams, nothing is less likely there and it seems we are only manipulating something of a similar nature.

I reckon laying out my plans clearly is like an architect or scriptwriter, they are now clear and if I can shift the next short and long term issues (having done a few already) once I get one or two which not only bring pleasure but change my life for the better I'll be one step closer to how I'd prefer things to be. And if it works maybe an article of the journey.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

First sign of madness is talking to oneself. Second sign of madness is replying to what you said to yourself. Third sign of madness is writing a letter/email/blog/twitter to oneself. Fourth sign of madness is sending a reply to that communication from oneself. Fifth sign of madness is using your mobile phone to phone your land-line phone and then either answering that land-line phone or leaving a message on it. Sixth sign of madness is using your land-line phone to phone your mobile phone and then either answering that mobile phone or leaving a message on it. Seventh sign of madness is having imaginary friends either in your head or on some computer device. Eighth sign of madness is really believing that Facebook - Flickr - YouTube - Twitter etc contacts which you personally do not know and visit are your friends. Having Facebook etc friends does not mean you are having a great friendship unless there is some form of actual physical, handshaking etc, contact. People who claim to have hundreds of such friends on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc are really living in a false and deluded world. Real friends are people are mates who live in the real world not just electronic gadgets and real friends are people you can have a drink - coffee, tea etc - have a sandwich etc with at your place - their place etc. For many people being a part of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc has just made them neurotics and living in a dream world.

Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Grow old gracefully and without stress. STOP worrying about things. Get yourself some REAL friends that you can invite around to YOUR place and they invite you to theirs. Internet friends, where you do not actually have physical contact contact with them are NOT real friends. I think David your BIG problem is that you spend too much time with pseudo friends on the internet and the radio instead of being with REAL PEOPLE and making REAL friends. Loneliness is a killer - and it will kill you if you keep spending the time you do on Facebook etc. Make 2011 the year when you quit Facebook etc and actually get REAL friends that you can have around your place and you go to theirs. It is easy otherwise the only REAL friends you will have will be when you end up in a nursing home and the friends are the staff there. I have always had LOTS of real friends in my life. Although as in recent years I have chosen not to go to any of the many invites to Christmas dinner this year my friends respect my problems I have with food I will still get many phone calls and the net day friends will visit me and me to some. FRIENDS that is what life is about having REAL friends.

David said...

I hope the internet supplements life for me and not replaces it- I've seen a few people there recently as well and even posted some of the pictures. But I think if you're not married by 30 it becomes harder and harder to maintain a social life as most couples instantly exclude their single friends, many move miles away and when they have kids that's it. One friend included me in his growing family, three generations ended up in the same massive house and then one day they emigrated. You don't need someone to die to be bereaved believe me...