Saturday, March 24, 2012

One world government, the current position

I do sometimes wonder if as well as a vehicle for my pleasure it is also a vehicle for my discovery, as the utter madness I sometimes come across drives me to get to the bottom of it. I would also dearly love to cure it, but as an individual with only the internet and a small group of people to share with am hardly personally qualified to do more than plant a few seeds and hope they in turn multiply. I've basically never seen such a climate of organised control over the general public in my life. We've had it in localised areas throughout history with a single regime like the Soviet Union and China, but never before across what would like to call the free world.

Think about it, democratic countries worldwide are moving more and more away from national government and more to international policies, often from a perceived problem which needs a universal solution to solve, ie we all must join together or nothing can be fixed. This goes from the world credit crash to global warming, and simply allows this excuse every single time for a tier of government above the national, from the EU to the UN, losing the Soviet Union and simply swapping the principle for others elsewhere, despite its abject failure and lack of freedom and human rights.

Well I expose and call them on it. While the majority happily work together (the internet now publishes many of the minutes and publications, so can see the cogs behind the watchface) a few like Ron Paul and Nigel Farage appear to stand outside the system trying to change it from within. But trust and group dynamics means it takes a shift of at least 10% or more away from the crowd before anything can change. Currently I am aware of no politician in a position of power (one name quoted is in opposition while the other is a fringe European member with no powers anyhow regardless) who campaigns against the status quo- quantitative easing, bank bailouts (besides Iceland, who have bounced back simply by not paying their debts), carbon taxes, low interest rates, high levels of national debt and creeping travel restrictions.

These freedoms and improvements have grown over centuries of breaking the power of the factory owners during the industrial revolution (which, as Marx said, swung so far the other way it needed a return to the centre), improving technology, faster travel and the general ability to live one's life free of excessive government interference. This is all going backwards now, with what is the United Nations Agenda 21, a blueprint for sustainability, actually described thus: "Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control." - Professor Maurice King
Which pretty well sums it up. Reduce the population and effects of technology and development on the planet in any possible way. If anyone wants to learn more check ICLEI online which is how they apply the rules locally through council regulations. This again is not a national plan, but international, applying equally to every single UN country. No one even knows about it, let alone had a chance to vote on it, and it is now one of the general policies under which many others are made. Of course until more people learn this and read it (it's all on Wikipedia), they won't even know it's been running in the background, like a Trojan Horse program, since 1996. It is dressed up to appear to be about caring for the environment, but the quote (and many more similar) I added is the true nature and if you want to see then look at the fruits of the plan rather than the words.

This is not the only reason for it, but the Club of the Isles, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group etc etc, all real entities and some happy to publish their material, are not a national group but behind national policies worldwide. Why bother trying to change a country or two when you can get it to the UN and send it showering down like a manure spreader? Anyway, I do my bit sharing it and leave it to others to make their own minds up.


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flckr, credit/debit cards, and a lot of those APPS things on those tablets and phones then YOU are supporting the move to the great One-World government. There are so many things that we use everyday and take for granted yet they all keep a record of everything we do and can be retrieved by just one organisation and it could be a government and such would know everything about you. In about 30 years time, thankfully I will be dead by then, there will be the One-World government and it got there because everyone encouraged it to happen. I NEVER use Facebook nor Google because they are one of the worse to keep track on what you do on the internet. Only fools use those connections.

rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

It is official The Australian Green Party leader Bob Brown has said that there should be a global people's assembly formed and controlled by Th Green Party and that individual country traditions, values and democratic way of life should be abolished and be controlled by laws and values as set by the global peoples assembly. Al the world's resources, water, food production, minerals, energy power, transport and retail and wholesale trading, new media - television - newspapers and magazines and even books should come under the control of the global peoples assembly. So please everyone if you want control of your way of life and how you think to be taken away from you please vote for your local Green Party candidate. But if you want your freedom and be allowed to have free speech and have democracy as we know it today then please tell your family, friends and others just what the Green Party is up to. World Power and One World Government.

rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

The Green Party has a direct involvement with the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement if you don't know about this organisation here is a Wikipedia link It has always been the Green Party policy to reduce the population of the world and thus end poverty etc. this is how they intend to do it.

David said...

It all fits together perfectly once you know the format, and am now working on familiarising people with it as that's the best way to undo it. I do now see a few people mentioning the Club of Rome and Agenda 21, a year or so ago you'd never hear a thing so it is happening. And they all publish their opinions in the open, so hardly intended to be kept secret. They are so certain of their views and position they think they are worthy of repetition, but the media do not.