Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Our true nature

I just wrote this in response to a question on a forum:

A totally different view is that awareness is the highest level of being, so as all we are is awareness (not a theory, looking right ahead with no mirror what are you?) then the nature of humanity is awareness, a body following that awareness wherever it goes (unless you can have out of body experiences) and what runs through that awareness is constantly changing and neither inside or outside the awareness as again, if you look directly, can you really assess which sensations are from within and outside? Is a sound in you or outside for instance? Is it only heard when it goes in your brain, or was it outside and inside at the same time? The answer is it is in awareness, you can't actually answer that question as it is just a sound. Then extend that for all the other things you are aware of (including thoughts) and you have a field of empty awareness peopled by a variety of sensations and thoughts which are never static but constantly changing. 

There isn't even you there when you forget. No person with a history, that goes away until you are reminded of it. After a few moments of absorption (natural meditation) you are what you are aware of, you have gone and only comes back when something reminds you of it. 
Seems the message is beginning to get through here as well- that just wrote itself and became more aware of the situation as I'd written it. That's what happens after enough practice.

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