Friday, March 16, 2012

Catching up 3/2012

Just in case anyone was wondering I will update my personal life after some while. Gone are the days when there was an active blog community with someone always adding something to read and plenty of comments, but if people still read then I still write. After the long time of health problems my energy is gradually coming back, and recently done far more than I have for a good few years, just because I could. That's not phobias, but not being well enough to do very much for some time. I've driven all over the place for photos, had plenty of visitors and made a few visits although have very few old friends left locally now. On the other side I've decided I need to collate my spiritual results as besides knowing most of the theory need to know how much has actually worked in all the time I've been using it.

The books claim the sky's the limit and we are smaller versions of god, and identical in nature and power. Everything else is a lesser level of the same, while my current requirement is to reach a level high enough so when things are going well and something happens to wreck it and the whole thing falls apart. That is still relying on the unreliable, as it all evens out as every up has a down. So however good a Monday may be it can all be gone by Tuesday. Nothing has changed, I still live on my own with no partner or many local friends, so whatever I do manage is a short term gain with no long term benefits. There is certainly a level just above the normal, better feelings through meditation (which wears off minutes later after the rare times it happens), seeing outside the visual spectrum, seeing parts of life which have to be arranged, getting information from dreams, knowing all sorts of things directly before learning any evidence, so more a pool of information and an ability to tune into it, and an extension of our existing sense ranges.

That is the start, maintaining those levels is the advanced level, as is the conscious creation and manipulation of physical matter which is supposed to be the final point of what comes alongside enlightenment, as if everything's your dream or part of you then you can control it all, after all it's all made of energy and quantum physics observes observation affects matter and everything is connected and reacts outside space and time, so we are just tuning into that up at the macro level. Totally scientific, not weird or strange at all, and if we see ourselves as energy and everything within that made from that energy in makes more sense. There's no conflict between spiritual development and science as we are only talking quantum effects and tuning into different frequencies. My job now is to raise my own so high I am above the everyday ups and downs of life, as however often or good the ups are they all go down and every corner we turn can have a pile of shit waiting for us to walk in. Growth is the equivalent of shit proof boots, so when the same things happen we aren't affected.

I have spent months trawling teachers online and have a pretty good collection of work for specific areas, as unless your own method works you need many more as well, not instead of. Not all masters were faithful to a single one, and many were until they could go no further and found another until they were completed. But others simply have to take what they can from wherever they can and add them all to the mix, as they all come at it from different angles. Some teach a single technique, others many, and others different ones for different areas. Falun Gong may well be an exception and complete, but as I need the computer to follow the exercises and they seem to have removed the link then that's taken a back seat as so hard to get it happening. But it's probably all guided and anything I do or don't do is aiming in the right direction. When I teach (as technically I am like a swimming teacher who can't swim but knows enough about the theory to teach others) I realised I need to know if any of it can actually be evidenced by my own experience before carrying on repeating empty theories, as most others can actually describe it all directly. I think there's just enough, the first step but still a step above normal, and once you leave normal you're outside the physical rules and still beyond the huge majority of individuals who aren't even aware there is any more than they know.

I was admittedly disappointed with the hard sell class pushed last week by Neale Donald Walsch, packaging the failure of his own course into a new solution costing more than the whole set of books altogether. Would god do that? Of course not. In fact, I've seen many teachers offer solutions to the failings in other people's methods, but this is the very first and certainly unique example of someone creating a course to address their own course's failings! No shit! Regardless of the messenger there's enough plausible stuff in the books already, and unless they are so diverse some people need 7 weeks/ 40 hours whatever tuition to put it all together then if he's dragged up new stuff only possible to teach in person for a fucking arm and a leg then he's drifted off the track and god hasn't told him! Now I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and keeping the teaching I've learnt, but lost total confidence in the messenger. But I won't give up. I can't ever see beyond the horizon to the future to how far I can get, but simply spending my life getting a few prizes and then a stream of manure in between is not my idea of making the best of things. Teachers say there is an alternative, I have seen the edge of it and working my way to the middle, if there actually is one.


rogerhootonofnuriootpasouthaustralia said...

You say and I quote The books claim the sky's the limit and we are smaller versions of god," and "Would god do that? " and "and god hasn't told him!"
Now if we are the alleged "smaller versions of god" then it is very clear to me why humans are so destructive by nature, killing their own kind, killing other forms of life be it flesh or vegetable, destroying hill, mountains etc everything on this planet there are some humans "smaller versions of god" destroying things, we destroy things to feed our selves, we destroy things when we going to toilet and use per to clean ourselves. Destroying just like the alleged god does to the all things in the Universe that god is alleged to have made then it destroys them. Doesn't believe in a permanency of things only its selfish self. Oh yes a really truly loving god thing, just loves itself and nothing else.

You say and I quote "I still live on my own with no partner or many local friends," no different from me and millions of other humans but where you and I might be better than others that we both enjoy taking photos and sharing such and with yours a nice education purpose in life, so your life is not wasted. You need a few local friends who accept you for what you are do and say and you to them. I treasure my local friends, I treasure with happiness those to know me by name and talk to me be they people living near by or just working in he shops I go to. Gone is my depression and I feel a lot happier and healthier, having lost a lot of weight by choice, and all this because I accept each day as something wonderful to enjoy and if it doesn't go that way, well so what, tomorrow will be better. Enjoy your life,as you are going to be again long time as star dust in the Universe. Cheers mate from Aussie land.

David said...

Glad the depression's cleared up, that is a major improvement and makes all the difference to life.

My search for god is nothing to do with religion, it is following up what is closer to quantum physics and specifically the quantum field. This is not spiritual but describes a unified frequency we are all part of (awareness in this case) and rather than be individualised is actually a single field divided into apparently separate physical units, but when the others begin to seem to leak into yours then you start wondering if it's total and can you control it.
There are clearly frequencies probably going up to infinity, and a recognised barrier of the light speed which they in turn travel at whatever the wavelength. Then tachyonic energy begins above the speed of light (consistent with relativity) but the barrier as yet is not known to be possible to cross as current physics says energy stops at the speed of light and figuratively freezes. That would create a two universe system, one here and another where everything travels beyond light speed (although like being on a train you wouldn't be aware of it).

Thought however is not material and as a result not limited to physical limits. We can tune in and raise our frequency at will, little amounts at the beginning but more with effort and practice, and our evolution is supposed to be one of consciousness next rather than our physical features. This teaching has barely changed in thousands of years but only known in the west for some decades and to most people is totally new. But without just the bare minimum of evidence I'd never have followed it up looking for more.