Thursday, March 15, 2012

The great awakening?

Human development requires a motivation, so a calm sea does not make a good sailor, you need something to happen to allow you to see your innate abilities or test your weaknesses and remove your faults. Once you know that then one of the biggest faults in humanity is its trust in authority. Although many either have the brains or the means to learn things for themselves, someone else qualified or not tells them something and they think it has to be right. Except if two tell them something different they then rely on a third one to tell them which was right, ad infinitum.

Originally I saw this as a situation meaning those at the level above looking down would never see a change, this was how it is and we were basically stuck in a them and us situation. And then I realised telling someone about it, that if the mass of the world are exposed unanimously to a huge lie, then at first of course most will believe it, but if a few start to see the truth and gradually the others follow, then in future they will have joined those the level above as no longer believing their 'betters', and also realise they are not worse either and can either test anyone else's claims or better still find out directly if possible without needing others to tell them. This means that this form of oppression is not with bars or violence, but purely the power of people's minds. If you are told a lie where the truth is available, then all you need to do is stop believing it. Nobody has any power over anyone by lying to them as there is simply no foundation on the claim. So we have not been chained to bombs which will go off if we attempt to escape, or banned from leaving our towns by law, but simply told by our governments something will happen (it hasn't happen yet, that's the kicker), which even by a direct extrapolation can clearly be seen to be virtual nonsense. I did some simple checks we can all do which provide such massive 'reasonable doubts' even with them alone there is no case for either action or any belief at all. None whatsoever. The data grows to contradict it every week now, and you'd actually have to be thick as pig manure to still believe it once you know the new doubts. Even if it was true, the data does not indicate it so as yet it is someone's theory (Svente Arrhenius) which has no real world evidence no more than suggestive a couple of elements are correct which in a criminal case would not even make a submission to the crown prosecutor.

Therefore we the people have the doors which can be opened directly, there are no keys as no locks and can simply be opened by discovery they are open. As yet these gumps don't even know there is a door, and are sitting in their man made (Al Gore) cell seeing no chance of ever leaving it and at best handing it over to their grandchildren in 90 years if we can reduce our CO2 emissions to negative. Now knowing the data they are already free. Man makes 3-6% of all atmospheric CO2, so reduce our output totally, and it will only remove that much. Each new step on the Gore ladder drops you another rung as it breaks the second you put the weight of scrutiny on it, so when you look at the divergence from the 20 year IPCC predictions we are now below the lowest, the sea level has never risen more than 8 inches a century for thousands of years and is now falling, the polar ice has not melted overall, and our esteemed consensus told us that the Himalayan glacier chain was losing 50 billion tons of water a year, till someone decided to measure it and found they'd lost none for 10 years. They lied guys, big time. If they didn't lie, then they are even thicker than their intended victims as you won't get a chef saying they've put a pinch of salt in the soup when they've put in a bag or vice versa. Normal people in normal jobs rarely screw up like that and when they do they get sacked. These bods have got Nobel Prizes and billions in grants ($2.5 in the US alone) and will lie to their own children if that keeps it going. I'm sure they do as if they didn't they don't yet have the thick shell that would allow them to go to school and tell the other kids 'My daddy doesn't really think the world is warming but he wants the money'. So these a-holes even must lie to their children as they can't keep secrets.

Anyway, the point is that if the only power of a huge lie is in the people's belief it is true it has no power. None at all as there is nothing there. If you are in a cartoon and keep running till you realise you've run of a cliff and then fall then if you're in real life and someone tells you it's getting warmer and you pull out a thermometer and find it isn't (or someone else's using their satellite nowadays) then you see it isn't and the lie is gone. It's not like we need a black or white pregnancy type situation here, but just no case to answer from the null hypothesis, which requires a case beyond reasonable doubt before it is presented. There is no logic involved in AGW whatsoever as requires a trust in predicting the future in a chaotic system and the belief that whatever the new data says, how far current readings diverge from predictions and how many scientists have been caught getting it wrong then you can't still believe the theory if you are logical. The two cannot exist together. So we all have logic to some extent, and if we'd simply drop our blind trust in authority and learn some trust in our own logic then we'd grow manyfold and their power would all but vanish.

Therefore if you want to wake up most people you give them a test, something which affects them all, and they only have their own brains to release themselves. That requires a collusion among the elite so they are unanimous in their lies so only the brainy ones realise it to start with, but as a lie then the longer it continues the fewer people can believe it as more clues will come out it is not true. So if that was the case, man made global warming now actually goes against the solid data yet despite now to me at least clearly being no more than a huge revenue collection exercise and I can probably prove it, most people are still turning down their heating and living more and more like third world paupers as they are terrified they'll all die otherwise. Fear of death, especially for your children, motivates people above all else, and that's Al Gore's continuing meme, the sort of thing which would put a biblical character in the pits of fire for eternity for imposing on his people. Think King Herod and you'll be pretty well on the button. But if the result is the awakening of billions of people worldwide, who will then write it for the next generations to see, that they had the new ability to open their minds and think for themselves, then this world government would simply have been the means to get the hard of thinking to bloody well think for the first time in their lives.

Seeing it like that then my role is not of a rescuer, but more a bystander as long as people will wake up simply by noticing they have been told things are not as they really are. I will always offer data where possible, but the psychological attempts to talk to individuals in great time and detail may not be either necessary or the best way at all to work, as this ought to have a momentum of its own, a gravitational force driving the mass consciousness closer and closer to release from the chains of illusion. My own path was not any different, as of course a band of scientists saying the temperature is rising with CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuel is logical enough, and if they said the sea would rise yards then who am I to argue. That was in the 80s and no internet to hand. Some years later I wondered how it was going (this was before climate laws so the governments didn't talk about it much, just the odd newspaper), and couldn't find anything at all. The sea level it turned out had hardly ever risen for centuries and still wasn't, while all the other claims in the reports were about 80% higher than reality. I realised it was just another hype and left it behind like Harold Camping and Planet X. But when governments then banded together and stole money and freedoms based on absolutely nothing at all (the changes since the 80s have been notable in their ordinariness, besides that naughty CO2) then I had to tell the world.

A decade later and maybe two people have questioned their beliefs from thousands. Not a good price-dividend ratio, although one mind gained is a miracle I just haven't got the time to spend in detailed conversations for a 0.01% success rate. But if the purpose of this is to provide a lie which is easily seen through for the whole world, so they can fight the way out of the paper bags themselves then it will be a valuable lesson to maturity for those old in age but young in mind. If I can trust the system to work itself out, and the power of Obama, Gore, Cameron, Monbiot, Lovelock, Mann, Hansen etc will all evaporate away just as their wild predictions already have. You can be the president of the United States or head of the mafia (or both) but if you tell a lie it can never become true whoever says it. They may be being used to get the masses out of their sleep and those of us already awake may not have to be the alarm after all.

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